There Is No Way These Two Can Survive 15 Minutes


UFC 238

Donald Cerrone vs Tony Ferguson

Free UFC Pick: Fight Doesn’t Go The Distance

Best Line Offered: 5Dimes -115

The main card for UFC 238 is incredibly stacked with not 1 but 2 title shots to close out the show. Before that, however, there will be an epic clash between Donald “Cowboy’ Cerrone and Tony “El Cucuy’ Ferguson which is more than likely the most anticipated fight on the card.

155 is legendary right now. There is simply no other way to say it. Never has there been a division with more worthy contenders and a longer line of top tier challengers to the title. Near the top of that long line of contenders is Donald “Cowboy’ Cerrone. Cowboy is a fan favorite who will step in to fight anybody at any time and is NEVER out of a contest. Cowboy is currently riding a 3 fight win streak after a short stint at 170 and has returned to 155 with his sights set on gold. His return to his native division was against the young up and comer Alexander Hernandez and he returned home with a bang by TKOing the young lion in round 2. After that he took the opportunity to put his name back in the top 10 by facing Al Iaquinta who most recently took the champion Khabib a full 5 rounds. Cowboy beat Iaquinta like he stole something! After a bad start Cerrone had to dig deep to come back and win a hard fought decision.

Cerrone appeared poised to face Conor McGregor however when that fight did not materialize the dark shadow of 155 surfaced once again. El Cucuy, The Boogeyman, Tony Ferguson is the uncrowned king of the lightweight division and no other fighter has a stronger claim to the belt than he does. Tony is on an incredible 11 fight win streak, which is unheard of especially at lightweight. Tony won the interim belt when he impressively submitted Kevin Lee in October 2017. Tony was then scheduled for his 4th date with current champion Khabib to unify the title. The fight between Tony and Khabib is well known among the MMA community as being cursed because it has been scheduled so many times and something always goes wrong to cancel it.

Tony was completing his UFC mandated championship media and tipped on wires for the film crew and blew out his knee. This injury sidelined him until just recently when Tony rebounded from the injury and TKOd Anthony Pettis in October 2018. In a highly unfortunate situation Tony then ran into some personal issues that have kept him sidelined until now. Tony was stripped of the interim title due to the time his injury would keep him out of competition and Khabib now holds the undisputed belt. Not only that but Dustin Poirier now has the newest incarnation of the interim lightweight strap further mucking up the title picture. Tony deserves more than anybody to have his chance at the undisputed belt considering he never lost the interim belt in combat in the first place. Tony is hungry and motivated after all of his issues and is more than ready to take on all challengers and prove once and for all that he is the champion.

The amount of damage that both Tony and Cowboy can dish is nothing short of amazing. Cerrone tends to be a slow starter and I can see Tony taking advantage of this. Cerrone also has been fighting VERY often lately and that may lower his physical condition due to not having the time to recover an aging MMA fighter needs. Both fighters are top level strikers and have opportunistic and offensive ground games. Both men can end the fight on the feet or on the mat. Both Tony and Cerrone have a tendency to get hurt in their fights and have to dig deep to turn the tables on their opponent. Given that Cerrone has a 63% finish rate and Ferguson has a 79% finish rate I do not see how these two can absorb the punishment they will be putting on eachother. Both men are insanely motivated and this fight has BIG title implications, so rather than picking a side we are going to bet on violence and just cheer our faces off that we don’t see the final bell.