Sean OMalley Popped And The UFC Isn't Helping

Sean OMalley Popped And The UFC Isn't Helping

At UFC 232 in December the UFC moved an ENTIRE card because Jon “Bones’ Jones was flagged by USADA for a performance enhancing drug. It was determined that once some of these items get into your body they can pulse which will cause the substance to show up on tests from time to time. Jones has taken more heat than most for being a cheater and taking performance enhancing drugs but his name was cleared by USADA and they cited that the drug got into his system via a tainted supplement. Since Jon was cleared and it was documented that he was gaining no actual benefit from this substance in his system, the UFC decided to move the whole of UFC 232 in order to allow their super star to fight.

This is the exact same situation Sean O’Malley is facing and he is getting a raw deal.

Sean O’Malley was found to have Ostarine in his system and this is a banned substance which will now force him out of UFC 239. This is unfortunate for us since we decided to take Marlon Vera! More so than our own missed opportunity to make money we feel bad for Sean O’Malley.

Sean is a rising star in the UFC and is just having a hard time lifting off. These are some of the most important years of his career where he can build a fan base that will support and follow him for the rest of his life. The issue with making fans is he needs to get out there and fight. Sean is currently 10-0 and came off of Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series with a massive amount of hype. He has finished 7 of his 10 fights and has a fan-friendly aggressive style. Sean has been a guest on the infamous Joe Rogan’s podcast and is a very likable guy. All the parts are there, but his career has slowed to a halt because of his drug issue.

O’Malley’s Pay-Per-View debut was at UFC 222 in March 2018 where he faced Andre Soukhamthath where he suffered a bad foot injury. In fact he was dangerously close to losing the fight because he couldn’t stand. In a phenomenally bad fight IQ moment, Soukhamthath saved Sean’s undefeated record when he decided to grapple! O’Malley won by decision, but has been sidelined ever since. Sean was ready to step into the Octagon for the first time in over a year, but now we don’t know when we will see him next.

The UFC isn’t doing O’Malley any favors like they did Jon Jones. The card is proceeding as planned without him which is unfortunate and the word is still out as to how long O’Malley will be sidelined with this issue. It’s a tough battle getting licensed when you have a known performance enhancing drug in your system that pops up from time to time and when your boss won’t throw you a bone you’ve got to wonder how this is affecting Sean financially. As a younger fighter, he isn’t making the kind of money some of the other UFC fighters are and he hasn’t gotten a paycheck for over a year. By the time they get his situation sorted out it might be 2 years until O’Malley sees his next pay day.