Reverse Bets

Calculates maximum win/risk amounts and situational results on a reverse bet.

Reverse Bet Calculator

(takes Decimal or US Odds)
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  • Reverse Type: Denotes whether reverse bet is of type WIN ONLY (implying pushes terminate the remainder of the given IF bet) or ACTION (implying pushes do not terminate the remainder of the given IF bet).
  • Notional Bet: Notional dollar amount of reverse bet
  • Number of Games: Number of games included in reverse bet
  • Game N: Line on event# N and event results (WIN, PUSH, or LOSS).
  • Max Win: Maximum possible dollar win on reverse bet
  • Total Risk: Maximum possible dollar loss on reverse bet
  • Situational Result: Profit or loss on reverse bet given actual event results

A reverse bet (also known as an action reverse) is a set of if-bets going both forward and in reverse order. An "If-bet" is a two-part bet where the second part of the bet only has action if the first part wins (or in some cases, depending upon the terms at the specific book, if it wins or pushes, also known as "action"). A reverse bet represents every possible two-team combination of if-bets that can be formed from all the underlying teams in the reverse bet.

For example:

  • a two-team reverse bet on teams A and B would imply two if-bets: if A then B and if B then A.
  • a three-team reverse bet on teams A, B, and C would imply six if-bets: if A then B; if B then A; if A then C; if C then A; if B then C; and if C then B

This calculator determines the maximum win and loss amount for a given reverse bet, as well as the situational results based upon whether or not each underlying game wins, loses, or pushes.

Note: The calculator accepts US or decimal odds. For Decimal odds greater than or equal to 100, preface the odds with either a "0" or a "d". For example, decimals odds of 200.0000 would be entered as either "d200" or "0200".