Serie A Round 31 Top Betting Picks and Predictions

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Serie A Round 31 Top Betting Picks and Predictions
Atalanta's Italian coach Gian Piero Gasperini (R) talks to Atalanta's Colombian forward Luis Muriel after Atalanta scored their second goal during the Italian Cup semifinal second leg football match Atalanta vs Napoli on February 10, 2021 at the Azzurri d'Italia stadium in Bergamo. (Photo by MIGUEL MEDINA / AFP)

A great Serie A weekend with a doubleheader that can shake the Champions League fight from the basement: Napoli vs. Inter can definitely deliver the Scudetto to Inter but most of all can cut Napoli out from the elite, but the most dramatic clash is especially Atalanta vs. Juventus, as the Bergamaschi are aiming at leapfrogging surprisingly the Bianconeri. Intriguing odds in an entertaining game such as Bologna vs. Spezia. Here’s a complete preview, updated soccer odds, and our top betting picks.

Atalanta vs. Juventus

Sunday, April 18, 2021 – 09:00 AM EDT at Gewiss Stadium

For once Juventus seem, if not reliable, at least less shaky than usual, after winning in 4 days against Napoli and Genoa. But Atalanta are a completely different animal to handle: the team playing best in Serie A, 8 wins in the last 9 games, beaten only by Inter that had to play a very fine tactical match to dry their resources. The thing is that Atalanta are never scared of their opponents, never scared of the problems, never lowering their level of performance.

And Juve seem just fragile in their certainties to face at the moment such a challenge. Possibly for the Bianconeri, the only way to hold on would be duplicating the same game Inter played, efficient on every inch of grass, not conceding anything, and be ready to sting at the right moment. This ability though hasn't been part of Juventus in this season, and for such a display it would be needed also the great support of Cristiano Ronaldo, who lately has been a huge doubt amongst the many the Bianconeri already have.

He does score, cause he is still the best shot taker in the world, but his presence in the game is very little to detect, and often appears as a weight to carry until he is able to create a chance on his own. What is most worrying is that he has been missing in all the crucial games of the season: the tie against FC Porto, those with Inter and AC Milan, the first leg with Atalanta. Last but not least, Juve struggled with Atalanta in all last 8 direct encounters.

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Atalanta ML(+144)
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Napoli vs. Inter

Sunday, April 18, 2021 - 02:45 PM EDT at Stadio Maradona

Winning or losing won't actually change an inch of Inter's future, that is sailing towards the 19th title and that has started the countdown to the celebrations. The 11 consecutive wins achieved by Antonio Conte are a historical feat: they equaled the second-longest winning streak in the history of Inter, made by a Technical Commission in 1911 (at that time there was no official manager), and only behind the 17 in a row by Mancini in 2007 that is also the longest in the history of Serie A.

Most of all each of the seven times that Inter have achieved at least 8 wins in a row in their history, the scudetto was always won. On the other side, Napoli are totally in need of points to stay in the Champions League fight and must be recognized to Gattuso that he has always been competitive in the great games. Eventually, Inter played all the big games dominating the level of playing, except in the first leg against Napoli, where in spite of winning 1-0 they played on pure counter-attack. Inter will start careful not to concede anything, and Gattuso knows that one mistake against Lukaku-Lautaro transitions can be definitive.

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Draw at HT(+115)
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Bologna vs. Spezia

Sunday, April 18, 2021 - 09:00 AM EDT at Stadio Dall'Ara

Bologna, always proactive but not that consistent and with a higher standard of players compared to Spezia, which is behind on the average of the squad but is equally always proactive and much more consistent than Bologna. Bologna come from two unfair defeats in a row, double 0-1 against Inter and AS Roma, where they were more penalized by their lack of having a proper striker. Spezia sealed their salvation by winning in the last 3 rounds against Cagliari and especially Crotone with a spectacular comeback, so are less motivated.

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Bologna ML(+102)
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