How To Bet On Premiership League Soccer

Wolverhampton Wanderers' French defender Willy Boly (3rd-L) celebrates after scoring a goal during the UEFA Europa League Group K football match between Besiktas and Wolverhampton Wanderers FC in Istanbul, on October 03, 2019. (Photo by BULENT KILIC / AFP)

This guide reveals the key bets, busts the jargon and explains how to give yourself a chance of beating the bookmakers in Premiership League action.

The Premiership is the most popular sports league in the world thanks to a blend of frenetic action, superstar players and fierce rivalries. Premier League games are full of thrills, but that is seriously ramped up when you have money riding on the outcome. Millions of people love to wager on Premiership clashes, but newcomers are often unsure where to begin and daunted by the accompanying jargon. That no longer has to be the case.

Futures Bets

This is a bet on a future outcome that is not necessarily related to the result of a single game. The most common bet is who will win the Premiership, and teams like Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool are the most popular options. If you believe Liverpool will finish the season as champion, you might back them at +500 to win the league. When you see a plus symbol in a set of odds, it tells you how much you profit you would make on a $100 stake. A $100 stake at odds of +500 would earn you a $500 profit. You might also want to bet on Cardiff to be relegated at odds of -120. When you see a minus symbol, it tells you how much you must stake in order to win $100. So at -120 you need to lay down $120 in order to generate a $100 profit. Check out our guide on how to read odds for more on this. Other futures bets include top goalscorer, top four finish, top six finish, top half finish and many more.

Moneyline Bets

A moneyline bet is a straightforward wager on whether the home team will win, the away team will win or the game will finish in a draw (tie). Moneyline betting is a lot more popular in soccer than in sports like basketball and football, as the scores are typically low. Unlike NHL, NBA, MLB and so on, which go to overtime to determine a winner, Premiership games can end in a tie, and that make moneyline betting more interesting, allowing for more attractive odds on each outcome. Let’s say Arsenal is playing Everton at home and you think Arsenal will win. If the odds are -105 on Arsenal and you wager $20, you will make a $19 profit. When your bet is a winner, your stake is returned, so you would get $39 handed back to you if the Gunners won the game. Read our moneyline bets tutorial for more on this.

Spread Bets

Spread betting dominates NFL and most U.S. sports, but it is less common in soccer. However, it can be invaluable as you seek to get more value from a game. For example, if Man City is playing Huddersfield, and you believe they will win, you might want to place a bet on them. However, the odds will be extremely low, due to the gulf in class between the teams. You might find odds of -1000 on a Man City win, meaning a $20 bet would generate a mere $2 profit, and for many bettors that is simply not worth it. You might therefore decide to give Man City a -1.5 handicap and then see odds of -120. Man City would need to win by two clear goals to cover the spread, but your profit would be $16.67 rather than $2 if they pulled it off. It also works the other way. You might decide to give Huddersfield a +1.5 handicap. Then your bet would be a winner even if they lost by one goal. Our spread betting guide explains this in greater detail.

Prop Bets

Prop bets are special bets that do not necessarily determine the outcome of a game. Prop bet is short for proposition bet and it is otherwise known as specials betting. Popular prop bets include first goalscorer, last goalscorer, anytime goalscorer, halftime/full-time betting, the result at halftime, the correct score, whether both teams will score, the number of corners, number of cards and many more. The harder it is to predict, the greater the odds. For example, you will be rewarded with far more attractive odds if you can guess the scoreline that Man City will beat Huddersfield by, rather than merely saying that Man City will win. A really common prop bet on the Premier League is over/under betting. You have to guess how many goals there will be in a game, “over” or “under” a certain total.

If Man City is playing Huddersfield, a relatively high number of goals would be expected as City should put a few past the Terriers. So you might find -110 on “over” 3.5 goals and +120 on “under” goals. If you think it will be a high-scoring game, you would back “over” 3.5 goals. For more value you could back “over” 4.5 goals and be rewarded with higher odds. If you are feeling more cautious, you could bet on “over” 2.5 goals, but the odds would be a lot less attractive. If two equally matched, typically defensive sides like Southampton and Burnley are playing, you might find -250 on “under” 2.5 goals and +200 on “over” 2.5 goals. If you thought it would be a low-scoring game and you wanted more value, you would have to back “over” 1.5 goals. Another way of earning more value is combining bets, for example “over” 2.5 goals and “both teams to score.”