US Politics: Odds Drift Further As Claims Mount Against NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo

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US Politics: Odds Drift Further As Claims Mount Against NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo found himself under increasing risk of impeachment over allegations of sexual harassment. Photo by Seth WENIG / POOL / AFP

New York governor Andrew Cuomo’s future hangs in the balance of growing cases of misconduct levied against him over the last few months, as calls for his resignation and impeachment continue to gain momentum.

However, the embattled politician remains steadfast in his refusal to bow down to the pressure, adamant he won’t resign from his position as the state’s governor in the face of serious allegations about his misconduct during the coronavirus pandemic and towards female colleagues.

  • In January, NY Governor Cuomo and his administration came under fire for undercounting Covid-19 nursing home deaths by as much as 50 %.
  • A month later the first allegation of sexual misconduct was levied at the NY Governor.
  • Political betting markets on Cuomo’s political future began trading in earnest last month with the first allegation of sexual misconduct.
  • A sixth woman has now come forward, accusing Cuomo of inappropriate behavior.

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Cuomo’s Re-Election Odds Drifting

Andrew Cuomo’s re-election odds first took a hit at the end of January when a report revealed that the governor and his administration had grossly misreported on Covid-19 nursing home deaths. Now those odds have drifted even further into obscurity across multiple betting sites, as sexual allegations against Cuomo increase with each passing week and with each new allegation.

To date, a staggering six women have come forward – five colleagues and one he’d met at a wedding – with accounts of the governor’s alleged inappropriate behavior. The most recent one came earlier this week from a current staffer, and it’s the most explosive allegation yet, prompting New York State lawmakers to open an investigation into his conduct, which could pave the way to the state’s first-ever impeachment trial in more than a century.

Cuomo Under Threat Of Impeachment

The State Assembly announced it would allow its judiciary committee to pursue an investigation into the torrent of misconduct allegations that have been levied against Cuomo. Encompassing the manner in which he handled the public health crisis, with respect to nursing homes, and the mounting sexual harassment claims that have been brought forward by six women to date.

In the space of the last few months, Cuomo has seen his reputation dismantled in no uncertain terms and his party turn against him. The once-revered governor – so-called “Luv Guv” that inadvertently became the Democratic face in the battle against the coronavirus pandemic during its height last spring, often pitted against the then-president Donald Trump as a benchmark in leadership, is now the proverbial persona non grata.

In 2020, when New York state became the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the United States, Cuomo was held up as an exemplar in the battle. His press briefings were closely followed, echoing over the airwaves nationally and internationally, to the point of superseding the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings held by the Trump administration later in the day.

NY Mobile Clinic
A mobile clinic to test for Covid-19 stands in Brooklyn on January 27, 2021 in New York City. Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images/AFP

Cuomo received lots of plaudits for standing up to the Trump administration, he was often publicly at loggerheads with the federal government and how it approached the handling of the public health crisis across the country.

The best betting sites quickly took notice of Cuomo’s rising popularity and released political betting odds for his potential bid in the 2020 presidential race, although he’d never officially announced such an intention. Even his brother, CNN presenter Chris Cuomo, pressed him on the question of a presidential run.

How quickly things change….

2024 US Presidential Odds

Despite the current politically charged hotbed that Cuomo finds himself in, several top-rated sportsbooks continue to offer odds on the New York Governor’s potential White House bid. This time around the odds pertain to the 2024 Presidential race, although Cuomo, once again, has yet to make any such ambition public knowledge. As per Bovada Sportsbook, Cuomo is priced at +5000 to win the 2024 US Elections – which is a longshot at this point in time.

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