Political Betting Odds: 2020 US Elections Odds and Futures

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The 2020 US Elections are heating up and in this space, we cover the political odds that are currently on offer across various top-notch, sports betting platforms.

Trumps Re-election Revival Flops after Tulsa Rally

President Donald Trump’s attempt to revive his re-election bid didn’t quite meet the expectations set by his administration as he descended on Tulsa for his first ‘Make America Great Again’ rally in months. Instead of the trademark pomp and ceremony typical of Trump MAGA rallies, the 19,000-seat BOK Centre in Tulsa, Oklahoma, boasted an underwhelming turnout and rows and rows of empty seats staring innocuously at the ‘America first’ president.

It was a jarring illustration of Trump’s current predicament in the race to the White House, which was beamed to a captive audience around the country. An eerie scene that sent seismic shockwaves through media outlets and social media channels, ultimately triggering yet another noteworthy shift in the US Presidential race this month.

At the start of June, the incumbent Trump held the advantage over the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. However, since the nationwide protests began gaining momentum at the tail end of May – essentially dealing the Trump administration with its third major crisis of the year, after the coronavirus pandemic and ensuing economic downturn – the tables turned 180 degrees.

On the heels of the Tulsa rally, BetOnline.ag extended the odds on Joe Biden from -140 to -160, where he currently sits cozily. It marks the most advantageous price tag on Biden since the 2020 US Presidential odds hit the market.

SportsBetting offers up Biden on -160 as well while JustBet, Bookmaker, and BetCris serve up Biden a smidgen lower at -159 – obviously, the difference here is negligible (betting $160 or $159 for a potential prize purse of $100 (plus the stake back) isn’t going to break the bank).

For those looking to back Biden, Bovada and Bodog offer the former president on a slightly better -140 odds (betting $140 for a potential prize purse of $100 (plus the stake back) is a better deal).

On the flipside of the coin, Trump’s odds drifted from +110 with BetOnline Sportsbook, where it was set only a couple of weeks ago, to +130.

Bookmaker, Just Bet, and BetCris took it a step further by moving Trump as high as +137. For those fancying a Trump victory in November, the odds at one of the aforementioned three top-rated sportsbooks promise much better bang for your buck (betting $100 for a prize purse of $137 (plus the stake back)).

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BetOnline Odds to Win the Presidential Election

  • Joe Biden -160
  • Donald Trump +130
  • Hillary Clinton +1600
  • Andrew Cuomo +5000
  • Michelle Obama +7500
  • Mike Pence +10000
  • The Rock +10000
  • Mark Cuban +12500
  • Elizabeth Warren +15000
  • Nikki Haley +15000

Presidential Race Odds Update

Political betting markets are known to be fluid and, at times, experience a few tremors. But the last few months have been quite dramatic in the US presidential race and none more so than this past month, in which the odds stacked up against President Donald Trump quite dramatically. As it is, Trump’s price is the longest it’s ever been since the 2020 US Elections went to press. And this latest move could represent an opportunity for bargain hunters and political enthusiasts to capitalize on a value underdog.

The incumbent Trump is no stranger to being an underdog, which is a source of comfort for his backers. Having beaten the odds spectacularly in 2016 – his victory marked one of the biggest upsets in political betting history – this latest turn against Trump could be seen as par for the course. Certainly, Trump supporters might dismiss it merely as a market overreaction to set of unforeseen conditions in the election cycle inexplicably intertwined: global pandemic, economic downturn, and civil unrest.

Back in 2016, polls and US Election odds practically served up a Hillary Clinton win. But she didn’t win, to the chagrin of the punditocracy. Of course, Biden supporters will be anxious history doesn’t repeat itself. That the odds on the former vice president to ascend to power are a true reflection of the current mood in American society: desire for change.

However, short of a crystal ball, there is no way to make such a claim with any certainty. Less than five months or so remain before voters go to the ballot box, which in the measure of political life is a lifetime. A lot can change before now and then, including the political odds for the 2020 US Elections. To all intents and purposes, betting on the 2020 US Presidential race is still a right tossup for political picks.

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