Next German Chancellor Odds As Angela Merkel Plans to Step Down

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Next German Chancellor Odds As Angela Merkel Plans to Step Down
German Chancellor Angela Merkel on diplomatic duty. Photo by Tobias SCHWARZ / AFP

Angela Merkel is stepping down after 16 years at the helm, opening the door for a new German Chancellor to takeover in the upcoming September elections.

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It’s the end of an era. Well, almost. After 21 years in politics, 16 years of which were as the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel is preparing to step down as the German Chancellor and to make way for a new leader to take over the Bundestag in Berlin, but there’s still a few months left before the next German Chancellor elections get underway on September 26, 2021. So, until then, when power is officially passed to another leader, Merkel remains in charge.

Having said that, the future of German politics is a question that garners more than a passing interest amongst those that are invested in European and world politics and the various movers and shakers that operate within these spheres of influence. Germany is a powerhouse on the European continent, a key EU stakeholder and one of the most advanced economies in the world with significant clout.

Who will be the next leader in Germany? That’s a question that has quite rightly caught the attention of numerous political betting sites and politics odds are in full swing at these online shops, offering a list of candidates that are shortlisted as the likeliest bets to spot.

As per BetOnline Sportsbook (visit our BetOnline Review), the Next German Chancellor is likely to be Armin Laschet as he’s priced as the runaway fave at -600 to win the elections. Merkel’s CDU party elected Laschet to succeed Merkel as party chairman in April, possibly paving his way towards the summit of Germany’s elections in fall.

Armin Laschet. Photo by Ina FASSBENDER / AFP

Next German Chancellor Odds
Armin Laschet -600
Annalena Baerbock +400
Olaf Scholz +1400
Markus Soder +4000
Alice Weidel +20000
Robert Habeck +20000
Jens Spahn +30000
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Laschet is the prime minister of Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia region currently, which is one of the most populous states in the country. Laschet has been dubbed a “continuity candidate”, though as his election is seen as a move by the party to stay on message, in continuation of Merkel’s policies. He’s pledged to keep the CDU in the “middle of society.” Whether that rings positively with the electorate only time will tell.

Markus Soder (+4000) and Jens Spahn (+30000) were once thought to be potential contenders in the race to become the leader of Europe’s largest economy, but their betting odds took a tumble in recent months respectively and both are now hovering in longshot obscurity.

Laschet’s only competition at this point in time is seen to be Analena Baerbock and Olaf Scholz Baerbock is the second best bet at +400 on the political odds board while Scholz is priced at a slightly larger +1400.

Baerbock is clearly the better option. The candidate that has the best shot to wrestle the leadership away from the bookies’ fave Laschet. A move that has a lot to do with her recent endorsement. Germany’s Green Party has confirmed that should they win the September election, their chancellery candidate Baerbock would succeed Angela Merkel.

As such, Baerbock is gearing up for a fight with the CDU-CSU conservatives led by Angela Merkel. “For the first time in decades, real change is in the air,” Baerbock told the 688 Greens delegates in a video conference recently. Adding that “now is the moment to renew our country. And everything is within reach.”

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