Lorena Gonzalez Favored For Next Seattle Mayor Betting

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Lorena Gonzalez Favored For Next Seattle Mayor Betting
Seattle, Washington. Photo by Diogo Fagundes

Seattle is the sprawling, eco-friendly, tech-focused city of the Northwestern state of Washington, and an important cog on the American political landscape for the Democratic Party. It’s NOT the capital of the state, but it’s the largest city of the state; thus, it commands desirable capital in any national election.

As recently as the mid 90’s, Washington state was considered a swing state with a wealth of independent voters that could go one way or another. However, in recent years, the state has increasingly turned blue in its voting inclinations – a trend that hasn’t been broken in nine elections spanning just over 30 years.

The so-called “bluing” of Washington is a combination of demographics and the increasing Republican party’s move towards the right of the political spectrum over the last three decades, going back to the Reagan years. Indeed, in 1988, after years of Republican triumphs, the state went against Reagan’s successor and vice president George W.H. Bush, and voted for Democrat Michael Dukakis instead. And since then, it has leaned blue in every US Election, including the 2020 US Elections when it voted for Joe Biden to ascend to power.

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Seattle Mayor Odds

With Seattle’s penchant for the Democratic party, it’s not surprising that several Democrats lead the charge to become the city’s next Mayor. Atop the shortlist of candidates across most online sportsbooks is Seattle City Council President Lorena Gonzalez, who leads the charge for the next mayor at -140 odds with BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review). Gonzalez became the first-ever Latin American elected to council.

BetOnline Political Odds: Next Elected Seattle Mayor 2021

Lorena Gonzalez -140
Colleen Echohawk +275
Bruce Harrell +300
Lance Randall +1200
Andrew Grant Houston +4000
Odds Courtesy of BetOnline

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan (R) speaks at Seattle City Hall. Karen Ducey/Getty Images/AFP

Seattle’s Landscape

Incumbent mayor Jenny Durkan announced late last year that she would not be seeking a second-term in office, turning political betting markets upside down. Her decision comes following one of the most trying years in any politician’s career. But as Seattle’s mayor, Durkan presided over one of the most controversial and disruptive periods in the city’s history, for which she faced a lot of backlash as her leadership was called into question.

Seattle was one the country’s early epicentres of the coronavirus pandemic, and then it found itself embroiled in Black Lives Matter protests in the summer, becoming a focal point for racial injustice rallies and protests that besieged the city’s core. At one point, protestors took over vast areas of the city’s downtown, Capitol Hill, and created an “autonomous zone” that became known as “Chaz”.

Durkan’s decision to cede the mayor’s seat and focus on the city’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic instead opens the field to a slew of candidates from all walks of life. Although the filing deadline for all candidates isn’t until the end of May, sports betting sites are already trading odds on several choice bets to spot, including budding politicians such as architect Andrew Grant Houston and SEED Interim Executive Director Lance Randall.

Andrew Grant Houston is currently the longshot political pick at +4000 while Lance Randall comes in at a slightly more convincing +1200 to clinch the seat of power in Washington’s Emerald City. Many political betting pundits and fans are looking towards Colleen Echohawk, executive director of the Chief Seattle Club. Echohawk hopes to become the first indigenous person elected.

Of course, there’s still time before the city votes on the next mayor and several other candidates may yet crop up. However, for those that are looking for solid political betting options, the race for the Seattle mayor is one to definitely spot for political picks.

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