Looking Forward and Back on US Election Betting

Looking Forward and Back on US Election Betting
Presidet Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris. Photo by Olivier DOULIERY / AFP

It has been a fitting “end” to an insane US Election Betting season. Just like the four-year Donald Trump term that was terminated November 3, the process of the transition of power looks as though it may never come to a peaceful and satisfactory conclusion.

Looking back on the Election, Donald Trump made the 2020 Presidential race a whole lot more interesting that pollsters, pundits and even oddsmakers thought. Trump was not nearly the underdog almost everybody, including in his own party thought.

The 2020 US Presidential race may have redefined the once-every-4-year event. No longer is it just a race for the most powerful office in the world, it is now a pop-culture phenomenon the like of which pollsters and betting sites have never seen, and possibly will never see again.

Enough of the look back – let’s look forward to what the US Politics Betting landscape looks like down the road and take a peek at the opportunities still afforded us with regard to US Election Betting.

Vice President Elect Kamala Harris. Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images/AFP

Odds To Win 2024 U.S. Presidential Election

BetOnline wasted no time in generating odds for the 2024 Election. There are a lot of questions surrounding Joe Biden’s potential 2024 run – he will be almost 82 years of age at that time. Sportsbooks have identified a new crop of possible victors in 2024 with a couple of old, recycled possible candidates sprinkled in there. Here is a quick peek.

· Kamala Harris +500

· Mike Pence +800

· Nikki Haley +800

· Andrew Yang +1200

· Joe Biden +1200

· Pete Buttigieg +1400

· Michelle Obama +1600

· Bernie Sanders +2000

· Beto O’Rourke +2000

· Stacey Abrams +2000

· Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +2500

· Andrew Cuomo +2500

· Donald Trump Sr. +2500

· Tim Scott +2500

· Elizabeth Warren +2800

· John Kasich +3300

· Mark Cuban +3300

· Ted Cruz +3300

· Michael Bloomberg +3500

· Amy Klobuchar +4000

· Cory Booker +4000

· Donald Trump Jr. +4000

· Gretchen Whitmer +4000

· Josh Hawley +4000

· Dan Crenshaw +5000

Leading the way is the current Vice-President Elect Kamala Harris at +500, which in laymen’s terms represents at 16.7% chance of her winning in 2024. Heck, she may become President before that time thanks to the 25th amendment being a real possibility due to Joe Biden’s age.

Kamala Harris, although a sexy choice faces some headwinds however. The fact that she is the current Vice-President Elect, the fact that the US has already shown a reluctance to accept a woman to lead the country and the fact that she is a woman of color in a nation with systemic racism just to name a few.

Joe Biden is currently listed as the co-fourth choice at +1200.

Vice-President Mike Pence (+800) and former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley (+800) are the Republican that oddsmakers feel will make an impact on the 2024 circuit and Donald Trump Sr. (+2500) is still lurking as rumors of a possible “redemption run” looms over the race.

President Trump returns to the White House from playing golf on November 7, 2020, after Joe Biden was declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election. (Photo by ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS / AFP)

No Concession Gives Birth to Some New Props

Donald Trump’s bombast has been and continues to be good for sportsbooks. His refusal to concede the 2020 Election has ensured the US Election Betting Season will continue, despite Election Day being over with one week ago.

A whole new set of prop bets have been born out of Donald Trump’s refusal to accept reality and concede. He is filing lawsuits, demanding recounts and trying every delay tactic available to him in order to sow doubts about the outcome of an Election he lost. Here is a look at a few.

Will Donald Trump Personally Concede Defeat by November 17, 2020?Bovada

· No -775

· Yes +450

The “No” is the overwhelming favorite here and probably rightfully so. The lawsuits and recounts won’t be done in a week and neither will investigations from his top supplicant, Attorney General Bill Barr.

Will President Trump Show Up at Joe Biden’s Inauguration? – BookMaker

· Yes +262

· No -352

Again, the “No” vote is the favorite here and probably correct. It is hard to seen Donald Trump sitting in a group of VIPs with a camera fixed on him, while Joe Biden is sworn in as the President of the United States.

Will Trump concede before Pittsburgh Steelers lose an NFL game?

· Trump Odds-120

· Steelers Odds -110

Avery Williamson #54 of the New York Jets. Elsa/Getty Images/AFP

Will Trump concede before New York Jets win an NFL game?

· Trump Odds -110

· Jets Odds -130

The Jets did their part last night, losing in the last second to the New England Patriots. Still, the Jets winning before Trump conceding is still the oddsmakers’ choice.