Key State Senate Seats up for Election in 2022

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Key State Senate Seats up for Election in 2022
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) sits with his wife former Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

The Democrats are enjoying a rare idyllic period in politics having full control of Washington for the first time in a decade, after a successful run in 2020 that delivered both the presidency and the Senate. But how long will that idyll last, only time will tell.

Well, perhaps, in just 18 months the question will be answered. Then the midterm elections roll around and there could be a musical chairs situation in the Senate— the evenly divided Senate where VP Kamala Harris gives Democrats the crucial tie-breaking vote—that could redress the balance.

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Every single vote counts, but never more so than during this extraordinary period in history with a global pandemic that’s been raging for almost 18 months. And as the Democrats look to maintain their concentration of power in the nation’s capital in order to advance the Biden Administrations’ post-Trump agenda, it promises to be an intriguing runup to midterms that politics fans can already bet on with politics odds at a number of top sportsbooks.


Several US Senate seats are up for election in 2022 and the results of those elections will certainly impact the balance of power for the first time in Joe Biden’s presidency since he won the 2020 US Elections. Obviously, the Democrats would love nothing more than to retain both the Senate and the House, but that’s going to be a tough task – if the politics odds across sports betting sites are any indication.

U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) (L) sits on the Senate Subway during a roll call vote. Stefani Reynolds/Getty Images/AFP

Considering the Democrats’ majorities are amongst the slimmest in modern history— with a 50-50 Senate and merely a nine-seat House majority — it’s likely to be a nerve-biting midterm election. That and midterms can turn quickly against a president’s party as a rule, as the natural bonhomie that characterises the arrival of a new president typical fades over time and against the harsh reality of day-to-day politics.

Indeed, according to several top sportsbooks, the Republicans are nipping at the heels of the Democrats, promising a close race to a majority.

U.S. Senate Elections

2022 US Senate Elections at BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review)

  • Democrats -130
  • Republicans -110

Should the Republicans reclaim a Senate majority, it could become problematic for president Joe Biden. Namely, it would likely see him banging his head against a GOP wall in the second-half of his presidency and that might thwart his grand plans to (in his own words) “heal the soul of America” and “build it back stronger and better.”

US President Joe Biden holds a press conference. (Photo by PETER KLAUNZER / POOL / AFP)

Indeed, Biden’s proposed plan for the country is called “The Build Back Better Plan”, which is a projected $7 trillion COVID-19 relief, future economic and infrastructure package that will include investments in industry, economy and infrastructure, and is projected to create 10 million clean-energy jobs.

Senate Elections Odds

The midterms are yet 18 months away, but the fight for power in and control of the Senate is well and truly underway. Here are the odds for some of the US Senate Elections.

As per BetOnline, possibly half—if not more— of these seats could go the way of the Republican party next year. These include: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin and possibly Georgia are being tipped in favor of the Republicans.

U.S. Senate Elections

U.S. Senate 2022 – Florida

  • Republicans -400
  • Democrats +250

U.S. Senate 2022 – Georgia

  • Democrats -150
  • Republicans +110

U.S. Senate 2022 – Nevada

  • Democrats -200
  • Republicans +150

U.S. Senate 2022 – New Hampshire

  • Democrats -140
  • Republicans +100

U.S. Senate 2022 – North Carolina

  • Republicans -225
  • Democrats +160

U.S. Senate 2022 – Ohio

  • Republicans -800
  • Democrats +425

U.S. Senate 2022 – Wisconsin

  • Democrats -120
  • Republicans -120

U.S. Senate Elections 2022 – Arizona

  • Democrats -220
  • Republicans +155

U.S. Senate Elections 2022 – Pennsylvania

  • Democrats -200
  • Republicans +150