Kamala Harris Pulls Ahead in Veep Stakes

Kamala Harris Pulls Ahead in Veep Stakes
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Bookmakers take stock and lift Kamala Harris into minus money in the race for the Democratic vice-presidential nomination.

Tracking U.S. Politics Odds

The race for the Democratic vice president nomination is heating up as Kamala Harris surges into minus money for the first time in months at BetOnline Sportsbook.

As it is, California Senator Kamala Harris sits lotus atop an impressive field of candidates, priced at -135 with BetOnline Sportsbook to get the running-mate nod from presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. (See list of odds below).

While Sports Betting matches BetOnline on pricing Harris at -135, Just Bet Sportsbook takes it a negligible step further at -136 to win the veepstakes, Meanwhile, Bovada Sportsbook tips the California Senator a touch more modestly at -110.

Betonline Sportsbook Odds for Vice President on the Democratic Election Ticket

  • Kamala Harris -135
  • Susan Rice +250
  • Val Demings +800
  • Tammy Duckworth +1200
  • Elizabeth Warren +1500
  • Keisha Lance Bottoms +1600
  • Karen Bass +1800
  • Lujan Grisham +2500
  • Michelle Obama +2500
  • Stacey Abrams +2500
  • Hillary Clinton +5000
  • Tammy Baldwin +5000
  • Barack Obama +6600
  • Tulsi Gabbard +12500
  • Cory Booker +15000

The Veep Stakes Narrow

Harris has long been dubbed the favorite to join Biden on the Democratic election ticket, but her already short odds just got shorter, almost immediately on the heels of Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar’s decision to bow out of the race.

Only two weeks ago, Harris was trading on +125 with BetOnline Sportsbook – the top bet but hobnobbing in plus money alongside rivals Susan Rice (+200), Val Demings (+500) and Keisha Lance Bottoms (+900) – the three other top candidates that were priced in triple-digits.

When Amy Klobuchar threw in the towel, the market readjusted in more ways than one –not only did Harris’ stock go up but also the field seemed to narrow to just three top bets, an all-Black American female cast of politicians: Harris, Rice, and Demings; Keisha Lance Bottoms saw her odds drift from +900 to +1600.

Klobuchar’s withdrawal came on the heels of the damaging discovery that she had elected to not charge officer Derek Chauvin after a fatal shooting in 2006. That Chauvin proved to be the very same officer instrumental in the heinous crime of the killing of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody – after which Black Lives Matter protests erupted across the country and spread around the world – practically decided her political fate. It’s an ignominious demise. Her withdrawal was a mere formality.

In parting, Klobuchar urged Joe Biden to pick a woman of color as his running mate for the 2020 US Elections. “I think this is a moment to put a woman of color on that ticket,” said Klobuchar.

Harris Odds On Fave

Inasmuch as Klobuchar’s withdrawal from the race was significant, it wasn’t the only recent event that impacted the political betting odds, particularly prompting Harris’ skyrocketing value.

Harris cemented her favoritism herself as well, by taking the initiative and spearheading a campaign to turn June 19th – also known as Juneteenth – into a national holiday.

Kamala Harris-135
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On 19 June, 1865, Union general Gordon Ranger declared the abolition of slavery in Texas, the last Confederation stronghold left standing after the Civil War. For Black Americans, the day holds a special significance, marking the occasion when America was completely emancipated from slavery and its symbolism amid the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests can’t be overstated enough as the battle against racial discrimination and socio-economic inequality continues in the present day.

Veepstakes an Open Playing Field

CNN’s Politico reports that a couple of progressive groups are set to publish an open letter to Joe Biden, in which they’re allegedly going to advance Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as the preferred vice-presidential choice.

The idea being that a Biden-Warren ticket would “represent a unity ticket,” merging the various Democratic factions in a unified front against the Republicans. As it is, Warren is the fifth-best bet according to sportsbooks albeit priced at a whopping +1500 or higher, depending on the preferred top-notch sportsbook.


Although Joe Biden is under enormous pressure to pick a woman of color as his running mate, more so since the death of George Floyd than previously, he’s given no indication as to which way he is leaning other than his pledge to pick a woman, way back in March. As such, bettors looking for profit may well look at the entire field before placing their VP picks.

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No official shortlist of candidates has been announced by Biden’s camp, meaning the race for vice president is still a very much an open playing field. California Senator Kamala Harris may be the favorite in the eyes of bookmakers, but that doesn’t mean another female politician – anyone of the names listed on the political odds board – might not get the nod. Politics is fluid and so too is the betting, and Biden’s decision won’t be announced for another month yet. Four weeks – the announcement is expected by August 1 – is a lifetime in politics. A lot can happen between now and then to impact the market and Biden’s decision.