Joe Biden Prop Bets: How Many Terms in Office and Impeachment Odds

Joe Biden Prop Bets: How Many Terms in Office and Impeachment Odds
Former Democratic Presidential candidate and President Elect Joe Biden speaks during a campaign event. Photo by JIM WATSON / AFP

Joe Biden is the oldest septuagenarian to assume the Oval office in the history of American politics. If he were to complete two terms in office, he would be 86 years of age at the end of a second term in 2029.

A key question prevalent during the runup to the 2020 US Elections was: If Joe Biden wins, would he really serve only one term?

As it is, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are jointly-priced at +500 to win the 2024 US Elections at BetOnline Sportsbook, a political betting outlook echoed across multiple sportsbooks.

Joe Biden’s Presidency In Question?

Even before Joe Biden clinched the Democratic nomination, speculation about his intentions in office were rife after several of his comments floated the idea that he might not seek re-election in four years.

Biden was at pains to ease concerns amongst ageists, saying he wouldn’t seek re-election if his mental or physical health declined. He was keen to select a female vice president in order to set himself up as a man of the times, a disrupter and change-monger. Separately, he was eager to capture the imagination of the youth, suggesting he was a “transitional candidate,” acting as a bridge to a younger generation of leadership.

Biden said many things in the run up to the 2020 US Elections, unpacking all of which is going to be the source of much debate over his upcoming presidency. Clearly, though, none of it detracted from his favorable political odds in the run up to the general elections on November 3, nor did it prevent his momentous victory over Donald Trump.

One or Two Terms?

Would Biden really be a one-term president, as he seemed to indicate early on in the race? Or are these merely throwaway comments from the president-elect, who admittedly does freestyle and go off script at times.

The answer to that question would definitely illuminate the role of vice president Kamala Harris in Biden’s administration, the first female politician to assume the second in command job. Shed light on what her future might entail on the American political landscape.

However, it’s unlikely that Biden will reveal exactly where his mind is at, for the simple reason that it would put him at a disadvantage politically on both the domestic and international front during one of the most challenging periods in recent history with a global pandemic that has been raging for 12 months and showing no signs of abating.

Having said that, Harris is now within one move of the Oval Office, bringing women to the forefront of American politics for the first time in the nation’s history. Four years is a long time, and by 2024, Biden will be 82 years of age.

Joe Biden
Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden. (Photo by JIM WATSON / AFP)

Joe Biden’s Presidency Up For Betting

Now, that the inauguration ceremony is merely days away, Biden poised to ascend to power officially and move into the White House, all the questions raised with his presidency are becoming the subject of political betting odds in various forms.

BetOnline sportsbook has rolled out several prop betting markets that allude to the topic at hand, from a direct Yes or No prop bet on whether Biden will serve one or two terms to betting on the year Kamala Harris will assume office (see below odds courtesy of BetOnline).

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Politics Special Props at BetOnline

Will Biden complete first term as U.S. President?

  • Yes (-225)
  • No (+160)

What year will Kamala Harris be U.S. President?

  • 2025 (+250)
  • 2024 (+300)
  • 2023 (+350)
  • 2022 (+400)
  • 2021 (+500)

Additional Joe Biden Prop Bets: Impeachment?

Donald Trump was the most recent president to be impeached. Prior to Trump’s impeachment, it was the Democratic president Bill Clinton who had to face the music in 1998, but the Senate voted against his removal from office.

Will the Republicans attempt to get back at the Democrats with some form of accusation that would prompt an impeachment hearing for Biden? Anything is possible. However, for sports bettors looking to bet this market, it’s important to note that the wording implies two conditions must be satisfied in order to win political picks with this bet: both impeachment and leaving office as a result of impeachment must be met.

Joe Biden leave office via Impeachment?

  • No (-1500)
  • Yes (+600)

Presidet Elect Joe Biden and Vice President Elect Kamala Harris. Photo by Olivier DOULIERY / AFP

Political Betting Year-Round

Although elections are the biggest events to hit political betting markets, they do only come around once every four years or so. In between, political enthusiasts can find many prop bets and periphery markets to sink their teeth into with attractive angles for profit. We’ve got you covered at SBR for all things political.