Andrew Cuomo’s Re-election Odds Back On the Up

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Andrew Cuomo’s Re-election Odds Back On the Up
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo speaks during an event. Photo by SHANNON STAPLETON / POOL / AFP

Why, just last month in March, the punditocracy was writing its obituary on Andrew Cuomo’s political career as the embattled New York Governor increasing came under fire from all sides. Calls for his resignation and impeachment reached a cacophonous crescendo as investigations were launched into numerous allegations that emerged seemingly all at once.

And yet, a month later, Cuomo remains standing while his odds surprisingly appear to be back on an upward trajectory, suggesting the New York Governor might be winning the battle against his critics and detractors that are demanding he immediately call it quits.

Losing Count of Investigations

Andrew Cuomo came under siege last month, as mounting misconduct cases, sexual harassment allegations, gross misrepresentation charges during the global coronavirus pandemic with regards to the reporting of care home deaths were levied against him one by one. A political pile-on threatening what had been until then a glowing, enviable career in politics that followed naturally in his esteemed father Mario Matthew Cuomo’s footsteps, who’d served as the New York Governor for three terms between 1983 to 1994.

Most recently, an investigation into Cuomo’s memoir was apparently launched officially. Claims that his aides were involved in the writing of the memoir detailing his personal experience as the state’s governor presiding over one of the country’s coronavirus epicentres.

New Crisis Strategy: Refuse to Resign

These are unprecedented times in many ways, never mind the once in a hundred year global crisis that has tipped the world off of its axis. There’s a new phenomenon with a growing list of politicians appearing to be adopting an unexpected strategy to deal with controversy. It’s not a revolutionary strategy, mind you, nor is it a an exceptional example of avantgarde thinking. Nothing of the sort. Instead, it’s so simple in fact that it beggar’s belief.

The mere whiff of scandal would have toppled a political career in stunning fashion. Not anymore. It’s all about: digging one’s heels in, refusing to resign or capitulate to the pressure and barrelling on as if nothing happened while banking on the probability that things will (in most cases) die down or lose some of its sting.

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Those that follow politics avidly might have already taken stock of this curious strategy both in the United States and the United Kingdom. Trump has weathered many a political storm over his presidency, surviving two impeachments to boot. There was public outrage in the United Kingdom over Dominic Cummings breaking lockdown rules during the height of the pandemic.

Most recently, Florida representative Matt Gaetz has become embroiled in a federal sex trafficking investigation. Gaetz, just like Cuomo, has thus far denied all allegations and ignored any demands for his resignation.

This strategy worked for Trump, Cummings and others. It may well work for Cuomo and Gaetz too. Certainly worth trying rather than slinking out of public life in quiet embarrassment.

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It’s obvious that the current political odds market outlook is a direct reaction to the embattled governor’s current circumstance, the uncertainty that surrounds his position as the New York Governor, and within the Democratic party.

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