Andrew Cuomo Re-election Odds Take A Hit

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Andrew Cuomo Re-election Odds Take A Hit
In this file photo Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo speaks during a press conference. Photo by Johannes EISELE / AFP

Andrew Cuomo’s political career hangs in the balance amid a growing backlash over decisions made during the height of the coronavirus pandemic in New York and recently levied allegations of sexual harassment.

Although New York Governor Andrew Cuomo received much praise for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic last spring, recent developments have turned the tide of opinion against him to the point of a serious threat of impeachment.

Whenever there’s a whiff of a political scandal in American politics, betting markets are quick to pick up on the dodgy scent. This case is no exception as numerous betting sites are already starting to offer odds on Andrew Cuomo’s re-election chances in 2022 – assuming he runs, of course – that bettors can sink their teeth into right now.

According to these political odds that are currently on offer, Cuomo’s re-election next year doesn’t look promising at all. For instance, as per BetOnline Sportsbook (visit our BetOnline Review), one of several top-rated sportsbooks, his chances are dire indeed with odds clearly stacked against the under-fire Democrat.

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Andrew Cuomo’s Fall From Grace

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, during the initial stages of the coronavirus pandemic, inadvertently emerged as the poster boy for the fight against the unprecedented public health crisis. He was praised for how he handled the outbreak of Covid-19 in the state of New York, for how he stood up to the federal government and he was lauded at the time both domestically and internationally as the nation’s political standard even, against which many of his peers were compared to — and, alas, in some cases, found wanting.

Cuomo gave daily press briefings on the Covid-19 outbreak in New York, briefings that were widely televised domestically and internationally, and that rivalled the daily White House Coronavirus pandemic briefings. No other governor in the country received the level of attention that Cuomo enjoyed, as he went toe-to-toe with the federal government.

For those briefings and his once-vaunted record in battling Covid-19 in New York, Cuomo received the International Emmy Founders Award. He even wrote a book on his experience and success in managing the pandemic.

Separately, at the time, many USA betting sites, taking stock of Cuomo’s popularity during the height of the coronavirus pandemic, offered tempting political betting odds for a potential presidential run by the New York Governor in the 2020 general elections, even though he never threw his cap in the presidential race.

Now, almost a year after the first cases of the deadly virus were detected in the state of New York, Cuomo finds himself under fire and fighting for political survival. He’s facing backlash for some of the decisions he made during the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic that saw New York become one of the country’s first major epicentres of the outbreak as well as sexual harassment allegations.

Where the first matter against Cuomo is concerned, actions regarding his March 25 nursing home order. and subsequently withholding coronavirus data at nursing homes in the state are under review. At the crux of the matter is the fact that the Cuomo administration vastly undercounted the number of deaths in long-term care homes by as much as 50 percent.

Grave a political scandal that is, things have gone from bad to worse for Cuomo as the first allegation of sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour from a former senior aide followed almost immediately after the nursing home scandal broke. Since then, a second woman has come forward to accuse the New York governor of inappropriate behavior.

Democratic Party stalwart, Andrew Cuomo. has served as New York Governor since 2011. He has been successfully re-elected twice and is in his third term in office. Whether he’ll run in 2022 remains to be seem, but given the gravity of the current situation and the serious allegations levied against him, it’s hard to see how he could.