2024 US Elections: Ted Cruz’s Presidential Prospects On Ice

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2024 US Elections: Ted Cruz’s Presidential Prospects On Ice
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After escaping Texas’ Deep Freeze for Cancun’s Beaches, Texas Senator, Ted Cruz, could find it tough to overcome the odds on potential 2024 election campaign. In the wake of recent public backlash over his trip to Cancun as the state of Texas descends into chaos after its hit by an unprecedented deep freeze.

Donald Trump has enjoyed the role of being the Republican party’s belle du jour for some time but, for a change, he’s not the most talked about Republican. Granted Trump briefly spearheaded headlines after attempts to impeach him for a second time fell flat last week. Meaning he’s now legally entitled to launch a third presidential run in 2024. Incredibly Ted Cruz managed to steal the spotlight from Trump almost immediately, by taking an ill-advised trip to Cancun while his state of Texas was grappling with a terrible, state-wide disaster.

Ted Cruz is one of the most prominent Republicans in the political betting field of potential presidential candidates that could launch a bid for the White House in 2024 – although much of that rests on whether the former “Make America Great Again” president throws his cap in the race again. While primary season isn’t set to get underway in earnest for approximately three years, Cruz has managed – by his own fault – to spectacularly shoot himself in the foot.

Texas is facing a catastrophic climate disaster, one for which it certainly wasn’t prepared to deal with at all. Millions of residents have been left freezing in the dark — for several days now – and utility failures continue to wreak havoc following a winter storm that has enveloped the state in an unprecedented deep freeze.

In the midst of this state of emergency, senator Cruz decided a family vacation to the warm, sunny beaches of Cancun was just what the family needed. Well, not exactly so. According to his most recent statement, his two daughters thought up the brilliant idea. He [Cruz] – daddy of the year contestant – went along with it because he obviously couldn’t say no to his daughters.

The second-term senator was spotted at the airport on Wednesday as the family boarded a plane for Cancun. With pictures of Cruz, his wife and children on the plane snapped by fellow travellers surfacing on social media within hours of his departure then news went viral on the same day. Not surprisingly, the fallout was spectacular as Texans – and the entire country – were left gobsmacked by how he [Cruz] could so callously and with complete disregard to his electorate abandon his responsibility to a job that he was precisely elected to by those very same residents that were struggling to survive.

Tale told. Cruz was forced to cut his trip short and fly back to face the music a day later. However, the damage has already been done. Whether it will have far-reaching consequences, only time will tell.

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2024 US Elections Odds

In the broad spectrum of 2024 US Elections markets, Kamala Harris and Joe Biden represent the top two bets across multiple betting sites while former president Trump comes in as the third best bet. The order is unanimous across books, but the betting odds (value) varies depending on the book in question.

Ted Cruz registers on the radar too, but depending on the book in question his odds vary. For instance, he’s a modest +3300 with Bovada (visit our Bovada Review) while he’s tipped at +10000 with BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review)

Regardless of the odds that are on offer, it’s hard to see how Cruz comes back from his latest debacle – one in a long line of many that steadily chip away at his credibility as a likely choice for the American people.

Bovada Odds for US Elections 2024 – Republican Candidate

  • Donald Trump+400
  • Mike Pence+500
  • Nikki Haley+600
  • John Kasich+900
  • Ron DeSantis+1200
  • Ted Cruz+1200
  • Tom Cotton+1400
  • Dan Crenshaw+1600
  • Josh Hawley+2000
  • Mike Pompeo+2000
  • Paul Ryan+2000
  • Tim Scott+2000
  • Carly Fiorina+2500
  • Donald Trump Jr.+2500
  • Rudy Giuliani+2500
  • Kristi Noem+3000
  • Candace Owens+3300
  • Mitt Romney+3300
  • Rand Paul+4000
  • Jared Kushner+5000