2024 US Elections Odds: Top Five Republicans In Line for GOP Bid

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2024 US Elections Odds: Top Five Republicans In Line for GOP Bid
Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis speaks at the opening of the Conservative Political Action Conference. Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP

If Donald Trump runs in 2024, it’s hard to imagine how any other Republican contender could beat him for the GOP nomination. However, if he doesn’t run, the field bursts wide open.

Losing the 2020 US Elections has done little to dent Donald Trump’s profile or credentials amongst Republican voters. Although the former president lost his bid for a second-term in office by a weighty margin – within the region of 7 million votes to Joe Biden – it wasn’t the landslide defeat many political pundits had predicted. Resting their prognostications on the fact that the elections would act as a referendum on Trumpism – a sort of final reckoning of his failures in leadership during the global pandemic. Quite the contrary happened because in defeat Trump actually managed – to the surprise and shock of his critics – to gain ground amongst voters at the same time, gaining at least 10 million more votes (or so) than he did during the 2016 US Elections.

In its entirety, the 2020 US Elections saw record voting for both camps. Voting for Biden set a new record with the highest number of votes in the history of American elections while Trump closely followed with the second-highest tally ever.

For Trump, the sheer number of voters that backed him last November is validating in of itself. The GOP will have a hard time overlooking Trump’s ever-increasing popularity in its bid to retake the White House in four years. It’s the kind of sought-after currency that’s key towards campaign success, never mind the main reason why Trump is being held across major betting sites as the indisputable fave to clinch the GOP nomination in 2024.

As per BetOnline (visit our BetOnline Review), Donald Trump is priced at +300 to win the Republican nomination while Bovada political odds market shows Trump priced at +250.

In any argument, there are pros and cons for another Trump nomination. His popularity and swelling base of supporters make up some of the pros. Things that could prove cons for example are age – Trump will turn 78 before the next elections come around – and controversy, the latter of which there’s quite a bit to consider, encompassed within lawsuits investigations and financial probes.

Whether Trump runs in 2024 only time will tell. To date, Trump hasn’t announced his intention to do so officially. But in light of some of the cons and for the sake of exploring alternative options in the betting, in this space, we’ll look at the top five candidates not named Trump that could make a run for it in the next general elections. For the purpose of symmetry, the odds quoted below are from Bovada (visit our Bovada Review)

Top Five Republicans Not Named Trump

The top five Republicans not named Trump that have a shot at the GOP in 2024 – but only if former president Donald Trump doesn’t run – are as follows.

Ron DeSantis +600

According to the odds makers, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is the odds-on-fave to clinch the GOP nomination if Trump doesn’t run for a third time. As it stands, he’s the second-best bet overall to clinch the GOP nomination in early 2024 betting markets at +600 with Bovada.

The Sunshine State governor recently emerged as the top choice after Trump in a poll conducted by Scott W. Rasmussen. Two years ago, DeSantis, with the backing of Trump, clinched the gubernatorial race at the expense of Adam Putnam. Now, almost three years on, he’s made a massive leap in the political spectrum by becoming the best positioned politician to carry on Trump’s legacy in 2024.

Nikki Haley +800

Donald Trump picked Nikki Haley (incumbent governor of South Carolina at the time) to be his US Ambassador for the United Nations at the start of his term. Haley fulfilled the role for almost two years, gaining international prestige and recognition that gives her a leg up over the rest of the field of potential candidates in the race. These two key aspects – Trump’s early backing and international experience – make Haley an appealing Republican candidate that could in particular appeal to Trump supporters too.

Mike Pence +1000

Although odds makers price former vice president Mike Pence at slightly large odds of +1000, he’s arguably been Trump’s biggest supporter over the five years. That fact makes him an appealing bet out of the entire group of candidates to become carry on Trump’s mission to “Make America Great Again.”

US Vice President Kamala Harris speak with former US Vice President Mike Pence. Photo by ANGELA WEISS / AFP

John Kasich +1400

Former Ohio Governor, John Kasich, emerges as the fourth best bet overall to succeed Trump for the GOP nomination in four years’ time according to the markets at various top rated sportsbooks. Kasich ran against Trump in the 2016 GOP primaries and he was one of several Republicans that controversially crossed party lines and endorsed Joe Biden during the 2020 US Elections.

Ted Cruz +1800

Ted Cruz was Trump’s so-called biggest challenge during the 2016 GOP race, finishing runner-up to Trump when all was said and done. Although the pair’s relationship could be described as bitter and toxic in those days, it blossomed into a supportive one during Trump’s presidency. Cruz championed Trump during his four years in office and that calculated alignment could pay dividends with Trump’s core base of supporters in 2024. Indeed, in the Scott W. Rasmussen poll, after top choice, Ron DeSantis, it was Ted Cruz who emerged as the second choice to succeed Trump in the GOP race.

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After the aforementioned top five, there’s a slew of other candidates that bettors can consider for early 2024 US Elections picks. Here’s a rundown of the complete odds market for the Republican Candidates bettors should spot in early betting for 2024.

Donald Trump+250
Ron DeSantis+600
Nikki Haley+800
Mike Pence+1000
John Kasich+1400
Ted Cruz+1400
Tom Cotton+1400
Dan Crenshaw+1600
Josh Hawley+2000
Mike Pompeo+2000
Paul Ryan+2000
Tim Scott+2000
Carly Fiorina+2500
Donald Trump Jr.+2500
Rudy Giuliani+2500
Kristi Noem+3000
Candace Owens+3300
Mitt Romney+3300
Rand Paul+4000
Jared Kushner+5000
Condoleezza Rice+6000
Jeff Flake+7500
Lindsey Graham+7500
Charlie Baker+8000
Greg Abbott+8000
Tommy Tuberville+8000
Adam Kinzinger+10000
George P. Bush+10000
Kanye West+10000
Kayleigh McEnany+1500+15000
Odds courtesy of Bovada