2020 US Election Odds Update: Lines Move Following First Presidential Debate

2020 US Election Odds Update: Lines Move Following First Presidential Debate
US President Donald Trump. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP)

Donald Trump’s odds faded suggestively after a presidential debate that left many critics and pundits speechless.

It’s been a strange and unpredictable year, like no other before it in recent memory and certainly not in most of our lifetimes. When America needed reassuring, some comfort from its leader and/or would-be leader that things would improve in the near future, some semblance of normalcy is on the horizon, the wishful thinking was exposed for all its gory naivete. And the fallout from what was in no uncertain terms a slugfest between two septuagenarians is still reverberating across media platforms and within US election betting markets too.

It was a heated debate – at times, even, undignified charade that barely resembled a proper debate – with both president Donald Trump and former two-time vice president Joe Biden failing to adhere to the agreed upon debate rules, interrupting each other throughout the night and simultaneously trying to get their points across. More often than not, It descended into unprecedented levels of disgrace unbefitting of a presidential debate, with back-and-forth personal insults being hurled from both corners of the room.

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace, who had the dubious task of moderating the event, was at pains to get control of the debate. In all fairness, he lost control of it almost from the word go.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper, visibly horrified by the spectacle, gave his scathing post-mortem, telling viewers “that was a hot mess inside a dumpster fire inside a train wreck.” Going on to add, “that was the worst debate I have ever seen, in fact it wasn’t even a debate. It was a disgrace.”

Neither Trump nor Biden covered themselves in glory when the event was over and done with, but arguably, Biden, who’s widely considered to be “Mr. Nice Guy” did himself a great disservice, by standing in stark contrast to his self-promoted image of being the right man for the job of bringing civility back to the American presidency.

Trump started out clearly with the intention of rattling Biden in the early exchanges, but it didn’t take long – within the first 20 minutes of Trump’s constant interjections – before Biden let out a “Would you shut up, man?”

Biden, who alternated between incredulity, amusement, confusion, at times even smirking and sneering at Trump, made the mistake of descending to uncalled for levels of abuse, when he proceeded to call Trump a “clown”, a “racist”, a “liar”, and the “the worst president of the United States.” He was heard telling Trump to “shut up” and “keep yapping” as well.

None of that is remotely civil, and yet, somehow, according to some media analysts as well as bookmakers – those who’ve advanced Biden’s odds to greater favor – have concluded the “winner” of the debate was Biden.

If that can be called “winning,” then it’s a very low yardstick that is in place indeed. According to Deadline, via an article in the New York Post, the event was an unmitigated disaster that saw ratings plummet for the first time since 2016, a “stunning 36 percent plunge from the face-to-face brawl between then-candidate Donald Trump and Clinton in 2016.”

For a presidential debate that was watched in the millions around the world to descend into a schoolyard brouhaha of insult-hurling is excruciatingly disappointing.

If anything, it’s more appropriate to conclude that there weren’t any winners on the night, only losers. Most expressly, the American public that was left at odds with each candidate.

2020 US Elections Odds Update

As the book closed on the first presidential debate in 2020, Joe Biden’s odds to win the general elections improved substantially with various sports betting sites.

Prior to the debate Biden’s odds sat anywhere between -120 and -135 with those top-rated sportsbooks that looked favorably on his chances. Since then Biden’s odds have perked up. Intertops elevated Biden’s odds to -167 and Just Bet and BookMaker similarly elevated his odds, albeit to -165.

Bodog, meanwhile, raised Biden’s odds to -140 and Jazz Sportsbook raised his odds to -125. Only Betonline offers Biden at +100 odds, which puts him behind Donald Trump in the betting.

Donald Trump, who had closed the gap on Biden in the last few weeks to move just shy of even odds, now is trading anywhere from +120 to +136, depending on the choice sportsbook. The drop occurred almost immediately in the hours following the conclusion of the first debate. Only Betonline looks favorably upon Trump, pricing the incumbent at -120 – at least for now.