2020 Election Props: Democratic Party Debates, Sanders and Biden go H2H

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2020 Election Props: Democratic Party Debates, Sanders and Biden go H2H
(FILES) In this file photo taken on March 03, 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders accompanied by his wife Jane O'Meara Sanders arrives during a 2020 Super Tuesday Rally at the Champlain Valley Expo in Essex Junction, Vermont. - Bernie Sanders was leading comfortably in California one day after the Democratic Super Tuesday primaries, as US media cautiously refrained from declaring him winner in the state with the largest delegate count. With approximately 80 percent of precincts reporting, the Vermont senator was ahead with 33 percent of votes against 24 percent for former vice president Joe Biden, who represents the more moderate wing of the party. (Photo by TIMOTHY A. CLARY / AFP)

Bookmakers have rolled out a slew of political prop bets to sink your teeth into for the much-anticipated Democratic Presidential Party Debate between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden tonight. Let’s break those down as we preview the pivotal occasion.

Democratic Primary Debate

Joe Biden vs. Bernie Sanders

Sunday, March 15, 2020, 8:00 PM EST (CNN and Univision)

The Democratic Primary Debate is set to get underway tonight, all the while the coronavirus pandemic rages on. Needs must. The show must go on, so the saying goes.

The party has a pivotal decision before it – getting behind either Sen. Bernie Sanders or former Vice President Joe Biden as their chosen Democratic representative to challenge Donald Trump tor the upcoming 2020 Presidential Elections – and while COVID-19 hasn’t halted proceedings entirely it has certainly made its presence felt in the planning within both camps and logistics of the event.

The lead up to the first one-on-one debate between the top two candidates has been like no other with both Sanders and Biden being thrown off the campaign trail in recent weeks, during this new coronavirus-ridden world. Sanders (78 years of age) and Biden (77 years of age) fall into the most susceptible group to the virus, prompting both presidential hopefuls to opt for rally cancellations and shift all campaign-related events into the virtual world.

Sunday’s debate itself isn’t immune to COVID-19 either. Organizers made last-minute changes to the location of the event – moving it from Phoenix to Washington D.C. – and, more importantly, from an open to closed-door setup. Political debates such as these have long been known to be a spectator sport but, in “an abundance of caution,” amidst the growing spread of coronavirus there will be no live audience in attendance.

Sanders vs Biden Odds

What once featured more than 20 presidential hopefuls has now whittled down to merely two candidates in the Democratic party. Only three weeks ago, there were seven candidates at the last Democratic debate in South Carolina. However, five bowed out (Bloomberg, Buttigieg, Klobuchar, Steyer and Warren) while Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard simply didn’t make the cut (not enough delegate wins).

This left the party and public with two options: Sanders and Biden to slug it out for the Democratic presidential nomination. Ahead of the debate, NBC tallies showed Joe Biden with 854 delegate wins and Bernie Sanders with 701 delegate wins, prompting online sports betting outlets, such as BetOnline, to dub Biden as the favorite to emerge triumphant and win the nomination at -1000. Bernie Sanders is the underdog with political futures trading at +1000.

As a side option, perhaps somewhat nostalgic, BetOnline has also floated the idea of a Hilary Clinton comeback by placing a price on her winning the nomination at +1400. Naturally, Former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton hasn’t made any public announcement to run for President in 2020 but the idea clearly has some traction amongst bettors, if only amongst sentimentalists who are still grieving after the last presidential run.

Odds are also available for both Sanders and Biden in the broad spectrum of the 2020 Presidential Elections against Donald Trump, who is the short-odds-on favorite to win a second term in office at -110. Biden comes in as the top bet at +110 while Sanders is an outlier at a whopping +2000. Clinton is also featured in this market at +3300 and Mike Pence rounds out the group at +5000.

The political betting options don’t end there though. Political enthusiasts and those invested in the outcome of this first Democratic primary can bet on a variety of angles during tonight’s debate. The list includes the following political props:

Bernie Sanders reference Biden’s auto worker rant?

  • No -500
  • Yes +300

How many times ‘time is up’ be said by moderators

  • Under 4½ time is up -250
  • Over 4½ time is up +170

Total non-facts said by Bernie Sanders

  • Over 3½ non-facts -150
  • Under 3½ non-facts +110

Total non-facts said by Joe Biden

  • Over 2½ non-facts -185
  • Under 2½ non-facts +145

Total times ‘coronavirus’ be said by candidates

  • Over 8½ coronavirus -160
  • Under 8½ coronavirus +120

Total times ‘stock market’ be said by candidates

  • Under 4½ stock market -300
  • Over 4½ stock market +200

Total times ‘Trump’ be said by candidates

  • Under 25½ Trump -130
  • Over 25½ Trump -110

Who will win the debate?

  • Bernie Sanders -300
  • Joe Biden +200