Why You Should Be Watching and Betting the Stanley Cup Playoffs Over the NBA Playoffs

Doug Upstone

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 4:14 PM UTC

Tuesday, May. 23, 2017 4:14 PM UTC

If you are a typical sports bettor, you crave the action. Once the regular season ends in the NHL and NBA, casual fans start paying attention more because the games are meaningful.

While I am an ardent fan of the NHL, I do not dismiss the NBA and over the course of the regular season actually, bet more professionals basketball games at 5Dimes among other sportsbooks.Once the postseason begins, there is no comparison. The Stanley Cup playoffs are a rollercoaster ride, while the NBA Playoffs are as predictable as the CBS show "Man With a Plan".

Yes, I understand the NBA Playoffs dominate cable TV ratings this time of year, but seriously, who did not think Golden State would be playing Cleveland in The Finals? The closest thing to an interesting series was Chicago and Boston, until Rajon Rondo got hurt.

Now let's consider the Stanley Cup Playoffs, where the underdog is 39-37 straight up, and they have generated +14.21 units of profit against the NHL odds as of May 23. Compare that to the NBA where the underdog 18-54 SU. Even if you include the pointspread, the dog is still only 30-40-2 ATS. Talk about predictability.

Everybody loves the NCAA basketball tournament because of its wild and crazy outcomes and that is what the Stanley Cup Playoffs offer for NHL picks. Even Charley Barkley has said the NBA Playoffs are boring and said he and his friends cannot turn off a hockey playoff game. I mean seriously, who had Nashville in The Finals!

I am not saying the Warriors and Cavaliers will not be a special series, but it took six weeks of largely dull basketball to get there. Conversely, the Stanley Cup Playoffs had three upsets on the first night of action.

Do yourself a favor, starting Memorial Day night, tune in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals. Maybe you do not understand all the rules, nonetheless, you will be struck by the speed, hitting and end to end action.

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