The Hockey Diaries: Vancouver, You Alright?

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The Hockey Diaries: Vancouver, You Alright?

NHL Season Record 2.0

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(Will keep a pinned link to the March 7th entry going forward for all those that are not in the loop. It has the final record on the old approach.)

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The situation with the Canucks is likely the worst COVID case within a North American sports league we have seen over the past year. There is the issue of more serious symptoms, multiple strains, and infected families. I won’t make this a report on the status, nor add my opinion. The NHL and many of its fans have through the two hubs and much of 2021 being incredibly vigilante with their standards. However, this was always a possibility. I can only hope that those players and their circle do not hold long lasting issues and some normality returns for that group!

With the state of things in Van, the slide of the Flames, and Ottawa still being Ottawa, the playoff race could be nearly at its end in the North with a third of the season still left. That is not to kill any of the optimism that fans of the two Western Canadian clubs might hold, but rather just to put a touch of reality on where things currently reside. The Jets, Oilers, and Habs likely only need to decide who they will play in the first round of the playoffs.

Just two sides qualified from today’s seven game card. I am, after that little spiel, still taking the Flames as they look to respond from another loss to the Leafs. Also adding one new progression series on the Coyotes. I know they played last night against the Ducks, but did I miss the memo where they are suffering and having a sinking season? Where the hell did this price come from? Arizona has not been this high against the Kings since 2018. There is clear value even on the back-to-back for our NHL picks.

Totals will be up same time as always!

Oliver Ekman-Larsson of the Coyotes
Oliver Ekman-Larsson #23 of the Arizona Coyotes. Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images/AFP


Toronto Maple Leafs vs. Calgary Flames
CGY ML +145 BetOnline
Arizona Coyotes vs. Los Angeles Kings
ARI ML +115 1%

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