The Hockey Diaries: Streak Over

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The Hockey Diaries: Streak Over
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(Will keep a pinned link to the March 7th entry going forward for all those that are not in the loop. It has the final record on the old approach.)

There we go! Not just one win, but TWO…wild stuff. Speaking of ‘wild’, it was nice of them to clear that 5.5 total quickly last night. And the other, even bigger win was the Devils closing out the over 2.5 in their matinee bout with the Rangers. I really was going to cover my eyes on that D bet if it was needed. The Jackets were drubbed again by the Stars so that sunk the two gamer progression, but otherwise it was just nice to come out ahead after the four day dip.

The big news today will be the return of the Vancouver Canucks. The Canadian division has been cut down to six teams following the worst case of COVID within a professional sports franchise. A full month sidelined, with a worse strain that affected the majority of the team as well as families all under that since the third week of March. The NHL has had to make some tough decisions surrounding the club and ultimately it is up to them them to resume their season with a plan to play all 19 remaining games in just 32 days.

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I had already mentioned in the season preview that all teams, even with the reduced quantity of games, would be playing about once every two days. Well, that is going to get a little tougher for Vancouver. And it is not as though the players have been simply resting for a month. It will be very interesting to see how this is handled both physically and mentally. They are quite a length away from a playoff spot and now have to play the toughest part of the season with the toughest schedule. What is even more bizarre is the NHL playoffs are set to start before the last Canucks game concludes. This would be the first instance of a league starting the playoffs in this manner.

Today there are no progressions getting underway and just the one side on an undervalued Capitals team on a back-to-back. I’m also taking some shots with two totals for my NHL picks.

Jakub Vrana #13 of the Washington Capitals celebrates his goal. Kevin Hoffman/Getty Images/AFP


Washington Capitals vs. Boston Bruins
WAS ML +130 BetOnline
BOS o5.5 -110
New York Islanders vs. Philadelphia Flyers
PHI u5.5 -105

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