The Hockey Diaries: Quiet Friday

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The Hockey Diaries: Quiet Friday

NHL Season Record 2.0

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(Will keep a pinned link to the March 7th entry going forward for all those that are not in the loop. It has the final record on the old approach.)

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Some pretty interesting third periods ran last night. The Lightning and Flyers both did some decimating to come through on the puckline and team total respectively. The ‘fresh’ Canucks followed up their big two wins over the best team in the division with a bagelled stinker against the division’s worst, Ottawa Senators. What a contrast a game like that is from back in January where Vancouver is outscoring them by four or five straight. Well, we just need one W to close out that progression and a couple more chances to do it.

The Blues ran to a push on the 6.0 and we split the two 5.5 totals. That was one of the Red Wings more impressive showings of the season. Or contrarily, clearly one of Dallas’ worst against a team of Detroit’s… calibre?A reminder that the total was a 5.5 heavily juiced under to the point a 5.0 was seen at a lot of places in the early afternoon yesterday. Actually had some relatively normal line movement around my positions yesterday.

No new progressions qualified for tonight, but do have a couple flat wagers. The Flames really just have must-wins from here on. The Habs need only to not have a monumental collapse to maintain their position. In the East, I am getting involved again but this time to see a few more in the net.

Philippe Myers #5 of the Philadelphia Flyers passes the puck as Kaapo Kakko #24 of the New York Rangers defends. Elsa/Getty Images/AFP

April 23rd Bets

Philadelphia Flyers vs. New York Rangers
PHI o6.5 +100 at BetOnline
Montreal Canadiens vs. Calgary Flames
CGY Moneyline +100

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