Stanley Cup Finals Betting Report: What To Expect Now

Dana Lane

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 8:18 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jun. 7, 2017 8:18 PM UTC

The Stanley Final is down to its final few games; at the latest we’ll have a champion by next Wednesday if it goes the full seven games. Let’s examine a few ways to attack the remaining games with a update on season long betting trends.

First, the easiest way to bet the last three games is to pick a team and play them until they get a victory, increasing your bet slightly to ensure a profit until you get a win. If you’re on the Predators you will get plus money on two of the next three games if it goes seven games. The only potential for disaster here is if the Predators or Penguins lose the next two games and you’re on the other side. If you can’t pull the trigger on that the series price sits with Pittsburgh being a -130 favorite with two of the next three games at home, where they are 40-7-4 in their last 51 games.

So let’s give you a few facts about both teams that may properly help you to choose which team you should back for the next few games.

In previous blogs I’ve described how experience is a huge factor in my decision to back the Penguins. Only Mike Fisher has Stanley Cup experience for the Preds while countless Penguins have played in the Stanley Cup Final. In fact, teams that have played more games in the postseason have won 12 of the last 19 Cups. The Pens have played three more games heading into this series.

I’m riding Pittsburgh until the end.

We haven’t given an update on yearlong betting numbers that could still be of use to us in the last week of the season.

Home favorites have dominated this season winning over 60% of the time (572-278), which bodes well for the Penguins to win the Cup. If you’re a puckline bettor, home under dogs lead the way with win percentage of 68.42 (247-114). That number won’t apply to the finals but 66.89% of the time underdogs cover the line (879-435). The National Hockey League is a 3-2 league for sure but the problem is the money you’ll have to lay just to get +1.5. In order to get the +1.5 in game five you would have to lay a hefty -240. Way too healthy of a price for our bankroll.

Betting ‘unders’ have been a slight winner this year as 587 of 1047 went ‘under’ (51.18%).

There’s an old saying that teams don’t lose series until they’ve been beaten on home ice. I’m going to ride the Pens and the trends to win another Stanley Cup.

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