Sports BIT: Gambling Implications Of Playing Hockey In The Desert

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Thursday, June 23, 2016 1:00 PM UTC

Thursday, Jun. 23, 2016 1:00 PM UTC

Make sure you check this edition of Sports BIT with Pauly and Teddy on the NHL Franchise moving to Las Vegas and the implications of this in the gambling industry.

Last week, when NHL ‘sources’ indicated that an expansion franchise in Las Vegas was essentially a done deal, Teddy and Pauly spent a few minutes on SportsBIT discussing what the implications of a pro franchise in Vegas actually were. 

Now that the franchise has officially been awarded to Las Vegas (after local ownership cut the NHL a check for half a billion dollars), on today’s SportsBIT Teddy and Pauly take a short break from their NFL Previews at the halfway point (four divisions completed, four more to come) to take a Deep Dive into the future of pro sports in Las Vegas….and what that means for betting on sports nationwide.

The NHL is officially here in Sin City (SportsBIT, of course, is a show based out of Vegas). The Raiders are using Vegas as leverage to get a new stadium built in Oakland, and if that doesn’t happen a move to Vegas is a real possibility. And now, for the first time, the league that still won’t let Pete Rose into the Hall of Fame is actively and openly considering an expansion into Nevada.

Here’s yesterday’s quote from MLB commissioner Rob Manfred: “I think the (discussion) ‘You can’t go to Vegas because there’s casinos there’; we passed that by a long time ago, right? There are casinos all over the place.  I see Las Vegas as a viable alternative. I would not disqualify it just because of the gambling issue.”

And that, folks, is a paradigm shift, the beginning of the end to an era of hypocrisy. 19 NFL Stadiums are within 20 miles of a casino. Vegas, with 2.1 million residents in the metro area (up from 1.4 million in 2000) was the largest city in the USA without a professional sports franchise.  In the mainstream media, when they write about Vegas and sports, they’re no longer talking about game fixing scandals. In fact, the New York Times (as mainstream as it gets) article made it very clear -- nobody is worried about pro athletes fixing games. Sports and betting, all of a sudden, seem to be able to co-exist without mainstream America going nuts!

Here’s the quote from Las Vegas mayor Carolyn Goodman: “Gambling is everywhere. Some people are provincial and don’t want to change the status quo. But you have to get with the times.” And that’s the key issue here - getting with the times, when it comes to sports betting. We’re seeing positive signs - -more positive signs than at any time in recent memory….

Check out the full show right here, including a thorough analysis of the Derrick Rose trade and a detailed discussion of how the changing gambling preferences among millennials is likely to affect the sports betting marketplace long term.

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