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Swinging Johnson

Saturday, April 26, 2014 1:59 PM UTC

Saturday, Apr. 26, 2014 1:59 PM UTC

The opening round series matchups are rounding home and today there are NHL odds on four contests but which sides or totals will be part of our NHL picks?

Swinger's 2014 NHL Playoff Record (5-9, -3.25 units)
After the horrific evening I had last night in my NHL picks, I wanted to wake up and write this column about as much as I wanted my food poisoning back from earlier this week.  But my adoring audience demands me, warts and all, so I will soldier on and fight the good fight (seriously, am I a diva or what?). 

Well kids these playoffs are maddening because the outcomes are not clear until late in the game or real, real late in the game - as in overtime.  So how I ask can anyone out there, even with a record that is in the plus, be truly gloating about picking winners in this NHL postseason thus far?  Sure there have been games where teams are winning by more than a goal and dominating throughout but those affairs have been few and far between. 

But I will concede if there is sharpshooter who is laying in wait to ambush their bookmakers and targeting the right mark then they are to be saluted.  But for the many touts, scamdicappers and wannabes who charge for their services and then beat their hairy, gold-encrusted chests when a team like the Blackhawks wins in overtime then puh-leeeeze, give it a rest. 

I, however, was not so fortunate.  I wound up on the wrong side of all three games last night as the Rangers and Blues both dropped their games by one lonely goal and the value I had been touting on the upstart Dallas Stars was like buying two bags of horse manure for the price of one.  Sure, you've got double the product but at the end of the day all you've got is shit to show for it.  And we move on to Saturday.  Smiles people!


Red Wings vs. Bruins
I picked the Bruins in the series but the Red Wings in Game 1.  How's that for sharp?  And then I picked the Bruins in the next three games.  So yes, I am perfect thus far in this series.  And I shall remain perfect because I know when a team has given all it has and still comes up empty.  Don't forget, I grew up as a Bruins fan in the 70's and 80's watching the lunch pail gang of guys like Terry O'Reilly, John Wensink, Stan Jonathan, and Mike Milbury to name a few who would consistently battle the hated Canadiens to the brink only to repeatedly fall short.

Last time these teams met the Bruins battled back from a two goal deficit and ultimately broke the backs of the Red Wings in overtime.  That was the end of the series right then and there.  Tonight is just a coronation.  Lay the lumber because most of these games are decided by only a goal so don't get cute and play the -1 ½ and save the juice in case they lose.  They won't but you very well could if you decide to pull that shit, junior.

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