Pick The Right Sportsbook & Make Your Stanley Cup Season Profitable

SBR Staff

Monday, April 11, 2016 7:28 PM UTC

Monday, Apr. 11, 2016 7:28 PM UTC

Though hockey remains a distant fourth among the major sports on the landscape, the Stanley Cup playoffs in terms of excitement are second only almost every year to the men's NCAAB tourney.

The Stanley Cup playoffs feature great end to end action with the stakes higher and the number of upsets, especially in the early rounds, are more than any sport in a game by game scenario.

This is why sports bettors who might not bet the NHL during the regular season or do so with limited numbers, tend to flock towards hockey once the postseason starts. With fewer teams, it is easier to follow on a day by day basis and with NBC Sports utilizing more ways for games game to be seen, enhancing the experience for bettors either streaming or on their phones, the thrill starts to build night after night.

For those making NHL picks, knowing where to find the best sportsbooks is also important. You want to know where to find the best NHL odds, who is known for posting early odds so you can get bets down earlier if you so choose and have other great options on series wagering and futures odds.

As a public service to you as sportsbookreview.com readers and followers, here are some of the best sportsbooks to check into if you do not have account or are looking to open another,  we can send you in the proper direction.


Betting Hockey With the Best Books
Here at sportsbookreview.com, for years we have strived to have the best information on sportsbooks to help you have the finest experience possible in all facets. Our exhaustive approach make us the leader in the industry for fair and honest assessments of all sportsbooks in the marketplace.

If you are participating in Stanley Cup playoffs wagering, here are A-rated books and what they are known for.

Bookmaker - One of the the most recommended online sportsbook by our reviewers, thanks to the focus of this sportsbook on making life easy for the USA bettors.

BETDSI - Another high-quality establishment, BetDSI has been in operation for well over a decade and one can count on one hand how many online sportsbooks have been in business for this long.

BetOnline - This sportsbook is continually highly ranked among our forum users and hits promised dates on payouts without a hassle.

Heritage Sports - Has been steadily climbing up the list to elite status and new software has increased ease of use dramatically.

Intertops - In operation since 1996, Intertops is indeed the oldest among the best sportsbooks we have reviewed on our site. You do not have this longevity unless you offer great customer service and great numbers.

Bovada - A leader among the online gambling websites, Bovada was established over 16 years ago (As BoDog). This sportsbook offers the complete betting package.

JustBet - From its humble beginning, maybe no sportsbooks has come as far from previous offerings and improved customer experience than JustBet to reach A-status.


Best Early Odds
It used to be Vegas was the gold standard for early shoppers, not anymore. If you want the freshest betting lines, you can never go wrong tailing BetonLine, BetDSI, Bookmaker and JustBet.

If you have to be to work early and lack the time during work hours to place your hockey wagers, check out these betting locations the night before or before you head to work, they will have the numbers you need to place pucks plays. Early bird can get best number with these books.


Reduced Juice Saves You Money
Heritage and BetonLine are two of the most consistent sportsbooks for reduced juice for betting hockey we have witnessed all season. Depending on the amount you wager, this can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.


Large Bets, Mobile Betting and In-Game Betting
Bookmaker has long been known for taking larger action than most sportsbooks, having higher limits, thus if you have the bankroll and knowledge, this is excellent choice to place wager. Bookmaker was also on the cutting edge when it came to live betting and mobile betting.

Everyone on this list has followed suit and we recommend to find those whose bonuses fit your hockey needs and have the kind of offerings that make mobile betting simpler for you and if you love the action of live-game wagering, review the different sites betting choices to match you preference.

Time to get ready for the chase of the Stanley Cup, make sure you are wagering where you want to be to fill your desires from these top-rated sportsbooks.

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