NHL Picks Update: Money Makers & Bankroll Breakers to Watch For

Ross Benjamin

Friday, January 23, 2015 2:56 PM UTC

Friday, Jan. 23, 2015 2:56 PM UTC

I’ll be uncovering the most profitable NHL teams in the first half of the season, and also disclosing some clubs which are draining betting bankrolls. In addition, I’ll share my thoughts on why these results have occurred, and how I see some of these teams faring in the second half of the year.

NHL Money Makers and Bankroll Breakers
We’ve reached the annual NHL all-star break, and it affords me the extra time to reflect on what’s occurred in the first half of the season. Specifically, my focus will be geared towards the most profitable teams thus far, and what clubs have depleted NHL betting bankrolls. My first order of business is to identify those teams, and then assess what trends are likely to continue, and the others that I envision going in the opposite direction. I’ve found this to be a very helpful process to embark upon at this time of the year, and one which has become quite useful in my daily endeavor of making NHL picks.

Join us as we Recap the First Half of the NHL Betting Season.

The Parameters
I will be evaluating NHL money line results in the following paragraphs. My fundamental philosophy is based on wagering to win $100 on a favorite, and risking $100 on an underdog. Keep in mind, my main emphasis will be on which teams are making or losing the most money, as opposed to their actual win versus loss records.


Home Runs
In this section I’ll take a look at who the best money making home teams are at this current time.

  • Nashville Predators (18-3/+1420): If you were astute enough to wager on the Nashville Predators in their first twenty-one home games of the season, you’ve certainly established yourself as a valuable commodity, and are definitely much smarter than I am. In terms of purely rate of return on investment, you would be hard pressed to attain greater success when wagering on a NHL home team. My suggestion is to be careful in the upcoming months with the Predators. They’ll assuredly be laying substantially more juice as a home favorite in the second half of the year, compared to what they’ve been asked to do up until this point.
  • New York Islanders: (16-4/+1040): The Islanders have taken the NHL by storm so far. They’ve succeeded despite my concerns about their defensive flaws. Jaroslav Halak has been terrific in goal, and that’s certainly helped immensely. I would air on the side of caution when contemplating a wager on the Islanders at home in the second half of the year. They’ll undoubtedly be seeing some very hefty prices opposed to what they saw in the October and November.


Road Warriors
Here’s a look at the teams which have been the most profitable against the NHL odds on the road at this juncture of the season.

  • Calgary Flames: (14-10/+900): The Flames are proving to be no fluke, and will continue to receive attractive prices on the road.
  • Winnipeg Jets (14-10/+885): Similar to the Flames, the Jets will continue to hold a pretty good value in road games. It’s just a matter of, are they’re for real or not?


Issues at Home
Now let’s take a peek at what teams have been bankroll busters at home.

  • Dallas Stars: (11-15/-855) The Dallas Stars have regressed from the playoff team they were a season ago. They not only have a less than impressive home record thus far, but the majority of their early losses came as a sizable favorite. This is a much better team than how they’ve performed, and if you can catch them as a home underdog when play resumes, they should be seriously considered.
  • New Jersey Devils: (7-13/-720): This is the worst Devils team in probably the last twenty seasons. They just can’t score goals with any type of regularity, and the promise of improvement in the second half looks to be improbable.


Road Kill
Finally, these are the teams that have put their backers in the poor house this season.

  • Los Angeles Kings: (5-15/-1380) I’ve had a hard time digesting this one. The Kings have won two of the last three Stanley Cups, and have been to the Western Conference Finals in each of the last three years. They’ve definitely had the proverbial target on their head this season. Although I see their fortunes on the road improving in the second half, the prospects of receiving value will be few and far between.
  • Edmonton Oilers: (4-19/-1260) I can’t see much of an improvement pertaining to the Oilers on the road. However, before you make them an automatic fade, expect to be laying some very expensive juice when doing so. Wagering on them in this role borders on desperation, and betting against them comes at a very high risk versus a small reward.
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