NHL Betting: Reviewing Betting Trends at the Olympic Break

David Lawrence

Sunday, February 9, 2014 6:23 PM UTC

Sunday, Feb. 9, 2014 6:23 PM UTC

The NHL has hit the Olympic freeze, which means that we won’t see any action until February 25th. That means this is a great time to reflect on what we’ve seen so far in terms of betting trends:

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Most Profitable Team: Anaheim Ducks (+17.8 Units)

The Ducks have been the most profitable NHL team and that’s a little bit of a surprise. What’s surprising is that even though the Ducks had a great regular season last year, bettors were skeptical that they could repeat the success. Not only have the Ducks maintained, they’ve improved as they are currently the top team in the NHL.

Even though they’ve lost five of their last seven at home and dropped a lot of units in the last few weeks, they are still the most profitable team.

Least Profitable Team: Buffalo Sabres (-19.8 Units)

The lines makers are basically stuck with the Sabres. Even though the NHL odds on them continue to grow as their opponent is regularly laying -200 or more, the Sabres still can’t oblige and are costing the books plenty of money. They simply don’t win enough.

Buffalo has just 15 wins on the season and has dropped 11 of their last 13 games. Even if you’re laying -500 or more on the Sabres opponents in that span, you’re still profitable.

The Sabres are horrible and with rumors swirling that they could trade veteran goaltender Ryan Miller, things might only get worse.

Best Over Team: Ottawa Senators (34 overs, 24 unders)

The Sens have become a fantastic over bet as they’ve gone above the total more times than anyone else in the NHL. The math is quite simple: they’ve allowed the third-most goals in the NHL this season. That’s somewhat shocking when you consider that the Sens – who really didn’t change a whole lot in the offseason in regards to their goaltending or blue line – allowed the second-fewest goals in the NHL last season.

What’s also changed is what they’ve done at the other end of the ice. Last season, their 116 goals scored was the third-lowest total in the league. This year, they’ve managed to score the sixth-most goals in the Eastern Conference, which is a noticeable upgrade.

So the Sens went from being a stellar defensive team that had trouble scoring to a team that scores at a healthy rate and plays in shootouts. It’s clear to see why they lead the league in overs.

Best Under Team: Los Angeles Kings (15 overs, 29 unders)

The Kings are back to their low-scoring, under ways. When we witness them tear it up two postseason ago en route to a Stanley Cup win, we all saw the offensive potential this team had. However, they haven’t been able to rekindle the magic and have been one of the easiest under bets this season – even while facing a number of fives. The Kings have scored just eight goals in their last eight games.

They’re still an excellent defensive team as only one team in the NHL has allowed fewer goals (Boston Bruins). Combined with the fact that their offense is extremely spotty, that's why we see so many Kings unders.

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