NHL Betting: The Patrick Kane Scandal & Possible Betting Implications

David Lawrence

Wednesday, August 12, 2015 1:42 PM UTC

Wednesday, Aug. 12, 2015 1:42 PM UTC

Blackhawks superstar Patrick Kane hasn’t been hit with any charges but recently, an accuser claimed he overpowered her & raped her at his Buffalo home. Find how the situation affects the team's odds.

The Incident
We obviously don’t know exactly what happened but what we do know is at the end of the night, there was a young woman at Kane’s home who says she was raped by Kane after he followed her into a room in his house. She quickly left the house after with her friend (yes, she had a friend with her at the house) and she did have bite marks on her shoulder and a scratch on her leg. She called her family immediately and went for a medical examination afterward. The police searched Kane’s house but we don’t know what they found – if anything.

With Kane being a superstar and this woman being some random, social media and the internet has already started to pile on to her. Everything from “she was asking for it” to “she’s making this up” to “she’s trying to extort money out of him” has been thrown around. Unfortunately in these types of situations, women are guilty until proven innocent and very few people will believe unless there is a smoking gun. There has to be some kind of clear-cut physical evidence that this happened. If not, then she’s not likely to win either in the court of public opinion or in a court of law. As harsh as that is, that’s what it will take for Kane to receive some kind of punishment from either the law or the NHL.

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The Betting Implications
It’s really hard to gauge how this affects the NHL betting odds in any way, shape or form. Most offshore books don’t even have the Stanley Cup futures up to begin with, so it’s not as if any were pulled as a result of this. Meanwhile, the books in Vegas that had their lines up still have them up.

The other issue here is we don’t know how the NHL will really handle player discipline in this case. While the NFL has a long history of players with off-field issues (Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, etc.), the NHL hasn’t had these types of off-ice transgressions to deal with on a regular basis. That’s why we don’t know how the discipline will be handled. At one end of the spectrum, we saw Slava Voynov get suspended virtually the entire 2014-15 season after he was hit with charges of domestic violence. At the same time, the Kings didn’t cut him. In the NFL, the same type of incident would likely lead to a player getting dismissed these days.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are incidents like Jarret Stoll’s. He was hit with felony drug charges after being busted with 3.3 grams of cocaine and ecstasy. He reached a plea deal and wasn’t suspended in any way, shape or form by the NHL. He recently signed with the New York Rangers to a one-year, $800,000 contract.

So what’s the league going to do with Kane? Likely nothing at all unless there is 100% definitive proof that he sexually assaulted the woman. Unless that happens, it should just be status quo.

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