How, Where & Why to Bet the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs

Thursday, May 11, 2017 4:44 PM UTC

Thursday, May. 11, 2017 4:44 PM UTC

We are down to the Final Four best teams in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs. To make sure you get the most profit out of this exciting time of the year, we put together a playoff betting guide.

Four teams and lots of surprises for this year's Stanley Cups playoffs. In the East, we have surprising Ottawa vs. Pittsburgh and equally stunning Nashville against Anaheim.

If you have not been betting hockey for the first two rounds, unfortunately, you have missed a lot of great opportunities. However, all is not lost because with the Conference Finals and Stanley Cup Finals on tap, this still provides you a number of chances to cash in.


How To Bet the Stanley Cup Playoffs

There are four basic ways to make NHL picks from this point forward and this is what they are:

1. Money Line: is the most preferred and technically the easiest since all that is required is to pick the winner.

2. Puck Line: essentially is a point spread of -1.5 or +1.5 goal differential. The reason why the Puck Line is challenging this time of year is because the quality of teams means much more than one goal outcomes and thus far in the postseason, over 60 percent of all games played have fit this pattern. The underdog at +1.5 can be inviting, but the odds offer little value.

3. Totals: these are self-explanatory, choose either OVER or UNDER the sportsbooks listed number.

4. Series and Futures: who you might think will win the Stanley Cup and Series wagering in a head-to-head matchup with odds on the favorite and underdog and you get to choose who you prefer.

SBR Odds Pages Is A Terrific Place To Find The Best Numbers


Where to Bet the Stanley Cup Playoffs

In today's world of being able to find a rating system on almost anything you want to purchase, is one of the most trusted resources in the industry. At the sportsbook rating guide page, you will easily be able to identify the very best outlets to place your money when looking to make even more and stay away from those with poor reputations and below average customer service.


Let's review the best sportsbooks to pace your Stanley Cup Playoffs wagers:

Among the oldest offshore sportsbooks in the industry, Bookmaker has always been an innovator. This customer satisfaction is second to none and their hockey odds are extremely fair. Also a great place for a variety of pro bets.



5Dimes has a spotless reputation and first earned an A+ rating in 2009, which it maintains to this day. For NHL wagering, nobody offers a greater selection of choices.


This sportsbook has steadily come up the ranks to earn its current reputation and is now known as the - first to release opening odds - which is a benefit for those who want pure numbers.


Do you think you are a sharp hockey bettor with big bankroll? Then BetDSI is where you should be because they are known for attracting big bettors and keeping them happy with fast payouts.


In business since 2001, Heritage Sports offers enticing bonuses and nobody has a better record of on-time payouts to NHL customers and all sports bettors the last 16 years.


Why Wager on the Stanley Cup Playoffs

If you follow the NBA Playoffs, hockey fans understand you have trouble staying awake. Granted, The Finals are enticing, yet prior to that you essentially know who will be playing for the championship.

In the hockey playoffs, top-seeded Chicago and Washington are already gone. The action is fast and furious up and down the ice nearly the entire game.

Even if you are just a casual fan or like one of the teams still playing, we dare to sit calmly and breath normally when you have money on the team of your choice, and your team has a one-goal lead with five minutes to play. (#nothappening)

If action and thrills are what you enjoy and having a little action on the side or total makes it that much more interesting, the Stanley Cup Playoffs are the same as March Madness, just with ice and sticks.

Seriously, do not be a bystander, place your bets at the sportsbook of your choice and get hooked on hockey.

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