Will Any Team Go 17-0 In the Regular Season?

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Will Any Team Go 17-0 In the Regular Season?
Patrick Mahomes #15 of the Kansas City Chiefs. Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images/AFP

The NFL Draft is out of the way and teams will be looking forward to starting their pre-season programs. With the 2021/22 season being the first ever with 17 regular season games, will we see the first 17-0 team?

Has Any Team Gone Unbeaten in the Regular Season?

There have been a few teams to achieve unbeaten regular seasons, the last being the Patriots in 2007 who were defeated in the Superbowl by the Giants to finish their year at 18-1. They are the only team to have achieved a 16 win regular season. The 1972 Miami Dolphins are the only team who managed to achieve complete perfection by going through the entire year unbeaten when they won the Superbowl that year, and the team members always get together to celebrate when the final unbeaten team lose their first game of each season. The 1934 and 1942 Bears were also unbeaten, but they were before the Superbowl era. There are also 4 teams who went technically unbeaten for the year, but involved ties, all in the first 10 years of the league.

Have Any Teams Gone Close Since the Patriots?

There have been a couple of close attempts; Last season the Pittsburgh Steelers got out to 11 straight wins to start the season before falling apart down the stretch as tiredness and luck leveled out their start. The Panthers made it to 14-0 in 2015 with Cam Newton taking the MVP title that year before they fell to a loss and they eventually went on to lose the Superbowl against Peyton Mannings Broncos team. The Aaron Rodgers-led Packers were 13-0 in 2011 before losing to the Chiefs in their 14th game. In 2009 the Peyton Manning Colts made it to 14-0 before losing to the Jets just a year after their divisional rivals, the Vince Young Titans made it to 10-0 before losing their unbeaten record, also against the Jets.

Aaron Rodgers #12. Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images/AFP

Can Any Team Go Unbeaten This Year?

It’s quite obviously an incredibly tough feat to go through an entire 16 game regular season without a defeat, so adding the 17th game makes that task even tougher. The NFL odds of +1600 at BetOnline may tempt some people in, although if I was interested in this I’d probably take a punt on the +3300 on a team going 20-0 and winning the Superbowl than plumping for the regular season.

So, Who’s Most Likely?

Without seeing the schedule for teams (due 12th May) It’s tough to figure who has the best route to a perfect season, but we do have strength of schedule based on both last season’s win and opponents win totals predicted by the best online sportsbooks for this coming season, so we’re looking ideally for a team with an easy schedule who were good last year and have kept a solid core of those players on the roster leading me straight the reigning world champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Buccs have the 4th easiest schedule when looking at the amount of games their opponents won last season, they have the 3rd easiest when looking at opponent win totals for this coming season, and they have re-signed every one of the offensive players who took the team to the Superbowl last year as well as the majority of their defensive starters who were the main part of their run down the stretch last year, add to that the fact that their main divisional rivals are more than likely weaker this year with the Saints losing Drew Brees, the Falcons in cap hell and the Panthers in the 2nd year of a rebuild and it looks good for the Buccs to at least win the division again.

The Chiefs will be the favorites to achieve this feat on the AFC side of the ball mainly due to having the best QB in the game at the moment, but their defense isn’t a top unit and it leaves a lot on the shoulders of Mahomes. They also need to strengthen key areas which won’t be easy in one draft, but it’s a deep class for OL and WR which are a need on offense. They have the 15th toughest schedule vs. both 2020 wins and win totals.

Will Anybody Become the First 17-0 NFL Team in History?

It’s definitely not easy, but if you’re taking the Chiefs or the Buccs to win the Super Bowl at +550 and +600 then you may as well sprinkle a little on the +1600 and +330 (visit our BetOnline Review) while you place that bet.