Weekly College Football & NFL Odds Movement Report

Chris Andrews

Friday, October 23, 2015 7:12 PM UTC

Friday, Oct. 23, 2015 7:12 PM UTC

We look at all the major line moves in both college football and the NFL for the entire week so you can place your betting picks wisely and earn some profit while enjoying the games.

451 Bills/452 Jaguars- The Bills opened -4, went up as high as -6 then back down to -4 or -4.5. The public is on the Bills. The wiseguys are on both sides depending on the number.


453 Browns/454 Rams- Rams opened -5.5, dipped to 4.5 then ran all the way up to -6.5. Most wiseguys got on the Rams at lower prices. The public is on the Rams.


455 Steelers/456 Chiefs- This game only opened today now that it is widely accepted that Landry Jones will be the Steelers quarterback. Chiefs are -2.5, while there was some lower numbers but sharp and public money pushed it a bit.


457 Texans/458 Dolphins- Dolphins were -5 earlier in the week, but now mostly -4 or -4.5. Public is on the Dolphins, no clear direction from the wiseguys.


459 Jets/460 Patriots- Pats opened -9.5 but has dropped with sharper money on the dog. Public split. Pats now -7.5 and -8.


461 Vikings/462 Lions- Not much here. Fluctuated between Vikings -1.5 and -2.5. Public and wiseguys split.


463 Falcons/464 Titans- Falcons opened -3.5 and inched up to -4 o4 -4.5. Then Zach Mettenberger was announced as Titans starter and it zoomed to -6. Wiseguys and public on the chalk.


465 Buccs/466 Washington- Most wiseguys are on the Bucs while the public is largely split. The price has ranged from Washington -3 -120 to -4. Wash now mostly -3-125 or -3.5 even.


467 Saints/468 Colts- Colts opened as high as -6, now at -4. Public is mostly split, sharper money on the dog.


469 Raiders/470 Chargers- Chargers opened -5, now -3.5 and -4. Wiseguys mostly on the dog, public on the chalk.


471 Cowboys/472 Giants- Giants opened -5 before the Monday night game. After that has not moved much off -3.5. Public is split, Wiseguys took the price earlier but nothing much at this price.


473 Eagles/474 Panthers- Not much movement.  Panthers have been -3 with juice or -3.5. More wiseguys are on the dog, public on the favorite.


475 Ravens/476 Cardinals- Cards opened -7 and quickly went up to -8 or even higher in spots. Wiseguys laid -7, public laid worse. If sharp money is coming on the dog, they look like they want more than +8.


College Football
311 Memphis/312 Tulsa- Some sharp money on Tulsa +10.5. Memphis now -10. Public is largely on Memphis.


319 Toledo/320 Mass- Toledo opened -13 and got bet up to -14.5. Sharp money on the good numbers, public took worse but still on the chalk.


329 Clemson/330 Miami, Fla- Clemson opened -5 but got bet up quickly. Some sharp money showed at +7, but it got overpowered and pushed Clemson back up to -7.5.


331 NC State/331 Wake Forest- NC State opened -10, wiseguys came in on the dog, NC State now -8.5. Public on the chalk.


335 Miami Ohio/336 Western Michigan- WMU opened -22, sharp money quickly came in on the favorite, public followed suit. Now up to WMU -27.


337 Tulane/338 Navy- Navy opened -22, now to -24 with public and sharp money.


339 Wyoming/340 Boise- Boise opened -31.5 and steadily got bet up to -35 by public and wiseguys. Wyoming has been playing much better but is loaded with injuries. 


349 Tennessee/350 Alabama- Bama opened -15, went to -16.5 when some sharp money came back on the dog. Bama now 15. Public on Bama.


353 Texas A&M/354 Mississippi- Miss opened -4, wiseguys came in on Ole Miss, went up to -6 when some sharp money came in the other way. Ole Miss now -5.


355 Virginia/356 North Carolina- UNC opened -14.5, sharp money came in on UNC and pushed it up to -18.5. Some sharp money came in on the dog. UNC now -17.5. Public is on the favorite.


371 Penn State/372 Maryland- Penn State opened -8, wiseguy came in on the dog. Penn State was down to -6. Public is strongly on the favorite. Penn State has gone back to -6.5 and -7.


373 Army/374 Rice- Rice opened -10.5 or -11. Sharp money has come in on the dog, taking it down to -7.5. Public is on the favorite.


387 Old Dominion/388 Florida Int’l- FIU opened -15. Sharp money came in on the dog. FIU now -13. Public on the favorite.


391 Auburn/392 Arkansas- Arkansas opened -5.5, wiseguys took it up to -6.5, where it has stayed.


397 Florida State/398 Georgia Tech- Florida State opened -5.5 and bet up to -6.5 and -7. Some sharp action on the dog at +7, took it to Fla St-6. Pubic pushed it back up to -6.5 or -7 again. We’ll see if more pubic money comes in again.


401 Western Kentucky/402 LSU- LSU opened -14.5, got pushed up to -16.5 or -17. Wiseguys took high numbers, LSU now -15.5.


403 Florida Atlantic/404 UTEP- FAU opened -5.5, got bet up to -6.5, then sharp money came back on the dog. FAU now back to the opener -5.5. Public mostly on the favorite. 

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