Weekly Breakdown of the Titans Total Season Wins

Nikki Adams

Sunday, August 17, 2014 5:27 AM UTC

Sunday, Aug. 17, 2014 5:27 AM UTC

The Tennessee Titans are third favourites in the AFC South behind top favourites Indianapolis Colts and surprise second favourites Houston Texans. Do the bookies have it right? Let’s look at the NFL schedule in order to determine whether the Titans can string together a win-loss record that could make it an interesting race. 

Can Titans Step Up?
Bookies chalk the line at 7.5 wins on the season with the ‘over’ trading at +130 and the ‘under’ trading at -160. So if the NFL odds were any indication, it would seem the Titans are expected to take a step backwards this season from a 7-9-0 finish in 2013, which included a 3-5 record at home, 4-4 record on the road and a 2-4 record against divisional rivals.

To determine whether bookies are right or underestimate the Titans, we take a game-by-game approach, all while serving up our totally-early- and-entirely-assumptive NFL picks in order to establish a preliminary estimate for regular season wins.

It remains to be seen how they’ll fare on the fields around the league. To put a finer point on it: Can Jake Locker finally stay healthy enough to find his way in the league? On paper, they have a good enough schedule, making a 10-win season possible in theory. That is, if they were a better team. In reality, games aren’t won on paper. And they’re not quite there yet in the maturation process.


 Game-by-Game Analysis:

Week 1 @ Kansas City
Taking on the Chiefs on the road and in opening week is a tough ask for a team that has undergone as many changes as the Titans have in the offseason. 
NFL Picks: Loss


Week 2 vs. Dallas
Dallas have made few improvements in the offseason while Titans could have made enough improvements to be competitive against the Cowboys. What’s more, Tony Romo remains a question mark after back surgery.
NFL Picks: Win


Week 3 @ Cincinnati
The Bengals were perfect last season, winning all eight home games. The burden is on Andy Dalton and Company to protect that home record, which in itself is challenging. But they should have very little difficulty against the Titans. Bengals are far superior on both sides of the ball.  
NFL Picks: Loss


Week 4 @ Indianapolis
Taking on divisional rivals Indianapolis Colts on the road is going to be interesting. The Titans played the Colts close twice last season,  only to lose both – 19-13 in overtime (home) and 27-23 (away). Jake Locker will have his work cut out to keep up with Andrew Luck.
NFL Picks: Loss


Week 5 vs. Cleveland
The matchup between Jake Locker and Johnny “Football” Manziel is the proverbial good boy vs. bad boy. Should make for interesting viewing, if nothing else, how this pair squares off on the field. Both teams are on the rise, which means this could go either way. Home advantage means the Titans should win.
NFL Picks: Win


Week 6 vs. Jacksonville
The Jaguars are coming off a forgettable 4-12 season. Their defense was one of the worst in the league, ranking 29th.  Assuming Jaguars’ defense is still an issue, Jake Locker and Company should have a straightforward game.
NFL Picks: Win


Week 7 @ Washington
This battle should boil down to the quarterbacks: Jake Locker vs. RGIII. In this matchup, most NFL bettors would probably lean towards the latter.
NFL Picks: Loss


Week 8 vs. Houston
Houston Texans had the worst offering in the league last season, yet they are dubbed the second favourites in the AFC South to win the title. Interesting, wouldn’t you say?  In any event, this is a game the Titans should be able to win with home advantage going for them.
NFL Picks: Win


Week 9 Bye


Week 10 @ Baltimore
Heading to Baltimore to take the win is a tall ask for any team. The Ravens have been solid at home these past few seasons, including last term when they went 6-2. What’s more, Gary Kubiak has reformed Ravens’ offensive scheme, early indications of which are extremely positive and, at the same time, frightening for opponents.
NFL Picks: Loss


Week 11 vs. Pittsburgh
Titans will hope to capitalise on home advantage against a Pittsburgh Steelers outfit gearing up to make the playoffs this season. That hope might be futile if Jake Locker doesn’t handle the pressure from a solid Steelers defense this season.
NFL Picks: Loss


Week 12 @ Philadelphia
Jake Locker is an athletic quarterback but Nick Foles is a gunslinger, marking an interesting offensive battle between the pair. If Foles channels his 2013 form, Locker has no chance to keep up.
NFL Picks: Loss


Week 13 @ Houston
This is a clash that cuts both ways. Most NFL experts are predicting a better Texans this season, which is interesting given that the QB situation is still up in the air. Titans really have a shot to take this one, if Jake Locker can step up on the road.
NFL Picks: Win


Week 14 vs. New York Giants
There’s a lot to like about the revamped Giants this season, which doesn’t bode well for the Titans when they prepare to host them in December. If all the changes they’ve made come together according to expectations, the Giants will be tough to beat.
NFL Picks: Loss


Week 15 vs. New York Jets
This is a game that could go either way. Mostly, the outcome rests on which quarterback will lead the Jets in this game– Smith or Vick. The Jets have added some nice offensive weapons, which could turn this into a virtual shootout. Titans should win with home edge but Jets could surprise.
NFL Picks: Loss


Week 16 @ Jacksonville
Jaguars will be playing their last home game of the season, determined to give their home fans something to cheer about therefore. It should be an electric atmosphere with the Jaguars eking out the win over a so-so Titans.
NFL Picks: Loss


Week 17 vs. Indianapolis
Closing the season against AFC South juggernauts Indianapolis Colts could potentially be a situation where insult is added to injury. Andrew Luck and Company swept the divisional series with each and every team last season.
NFL Picks: Loss


NFL Betting Verdict
By our way-too-early analysis and projections – NFL Preseason action is barely underway – we have the Titans floundering below the chalk line on approximately a 5-11 record (or thereabouts, give or take a few results), an NFL pick that can be backed at Under 7.5  -160. 

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