Weekly Breakdown of the Saints Total Season Wins

Nikki Adams

Saturday, August 2, 2014 8:28 AM UTC

Saturday, Aug. 2, 2014 8:28 AM UTC

High expectations precede New Orleans Saints after a solid account in 2013. Can the Saints deliver on the hype in an NFC South division that is expected to emerge more balanced this season? Find out as we preview the Saints’ schedule and serve up our NFL projected picks.

How High is the Ceiling?
Bookies chalk the line at 9.5 wins with the Over fancied at -165 and the Under matched at +135. According to NFL odds markets, the Saints are set for lofty heights, a projection that finds traction in two things: both defense and offense have been improved in the offseason, which is hard to imagine, but that’s what the reports coming down the wire indicate. The schedule they’ve been dealt isn’t easy, by any stretch of the imagination, especially midway through. Yet, overwhelming consensus in NFL betting circles has the Saints finishing anywhere between 10 to 12 wins, if not more. Here’s a breakdown of their schedule, complete with NFL picks


Week 1 @ Atlanta Falcons
Kick starting against divisional rivals Atlanta Falcons even on the road is somewhat advantageous. The Falcons were abysmal last season, so they could still be suffering the hangover effects. Now experts are predicting a better Falcons team this term, but whether they’ll be as good as the 2012 instalment is hard to determine. Perhaps not this early in the season.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 2 @ Cleveland Browns
The Browns are under construction right now so this game is certainly up for grabs on the road. Expect the Saints’ potent offense to be too much for the Browns.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 3 vs. Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings finished 5-10-1 last season on the back of a 5-3 record at home and a 0-7-1 record on the road. Saints were a perfect 8-0 at home. Put those two stats together, you have a Saints win at home, you’d think.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 4 @ Dallas Cowboys
The Cowboys are tough to beat at home. The Saints were beatable on the road last season, going just 3-5. That said the Cowboys seem to have taken a step back during the offseason while the Saints look to have improved on both sides of the ball.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 5 vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
The Buccaneers have made good changes in the offseason, many of which promise a balanced output this season. The Bucs could make life difficult for Drew Brees and Company but the Saints should protect home advantage and win at home.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 6:  -  Bye


Week 7 @ Detroit Lions
The offensive might of both teams should deliver an intriguing shootout as Matthew Stafford and Drew Brees showcase their wares. The inclination is to lean towards the Saints, given the fact they are considered Super Bowl contenders. But the Lions might prove difficult to budge.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 8 vs. Green Bay Packers
Saints welcome the Packers to the Superdome in a highly anticipated showdown between two offensive powers. The Saints might be just that little bit better on both sides of the ball.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 9 @ Carolina Panthers
Following a gruelling game against the Packers, the Saints take to the road to Carolina in a short week. The short turnaround could be a factor against the Packers. So long as Cam Newton is 100 % fit and enjoying a season to remember, naturally. He’s coming off ankle surgery, so it remains to be seen where the Panthers will be in the NFL frame by week 9. If they are without Newton, it’s a Packers win surely.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 10 vs. San Francisco 49ers
San Francisco 49ers loom large on the schedule, one of several Super Bowl threats this season. Last season, the Saints beat the 49ers at home 23-20. It should be similarly close with the result going either way.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 11 vs. Cincinnati Bengals
The Bengals are coming off a playoff run last season, so they aren’t to be taken lightly. They are solid on both sides of the ball and could give the Saints a run for their money at the Superdome. The Saints will have to be in top form to be this credible threat.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 12 vs. Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens are beatable on the road. Joe Flacco blows hot and cold when he travels, so it’s hard to determine which Ravens team will show up at the Superdome – the 2012 Super Bowl winning team or last season’s dud that went 8-8 (2-6 away) and missed the playoffs. If it’s the latter, Saints win handily.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 13 @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Big Ben and his Steelers have been fortified this season, setting them up as one of the teams to spot for the playoffs. The Saints are faced with a tough ask on the road.
NFL Pick: Loss


Week 14 vs. Carolina Panthers
Beating the Saints on the road is one thing, to beat them on the road entirely another. Cam Newton will be sorely tested to keep up with Drew Brees and his offensive production. Saints should win this one in order to throw down the gauntlet in the division.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 15 @ Chicago Bears
The Saints struggled to win on the road last season, going 3-5. One of their road wins did however come at the expense of the Bears. Saints showed up Cutler and the Bears in a 26-18 win on the road. This could go the same way.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 16 vs. Atlanta Falcons
Saints take on the Falcons in week 16 in the dome, a game that should be a straightforward home win for the Saints. Falcons have made improvements to be more competitive this season, but few NFL bettors would seriously predict an upset win in the dome.
NFL Pick: Win


Week 17 @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
NFL bettors shouldn’t underestimate the Buccaneers, as they are one of the most improved sides going into the new season. Are they ready to mastermind a big win against the Saints, even if they have home advantage? Potentially, they could if starters don’t feature. Otherwise, this should be a close game that could go either way.
NFL Pick: Win


NFL Betting Verdict
So there you have out, our outlandish assumptions and projections on the 2014 season for the Saints. As you can see, we do agree with pundits and NFL experts that have the Saints breaking the 10.5 barrier. By our estimation, the Saints could finish 12-4, if not higher. In any case, we do recommend the Over 10.5 at -165. 

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