Week 16 NFL Picks: Game-by-Game ML Odds Analysis & Predictions

Nikki Adams

Wednesday, December 23, 2015 3:05 PM UTC

Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2015 3:05 PM UTC

We put together a comprehensive game-by-game analysis, complete with money line odds and NFL picks. Find out where the winners and losers are in week 16 NFL.

Week 15 NFL Betting Recap Money Line Picks
We’re coming off another strong week on our game-by-game money line picks, finishing with a solid 10-6 mark. That latest score has us improving nicely to 133-91-0 on the season. So let’s get cracking with our week 16 NFL betting picks.


Chargers vs. Raiders
The AFC West showdown on Thursday Night Football holds no significance in the broad spectrum of the season: neither side promises any postseason upside with the Chargers are 4-10 SU while the Raiders are 6-8 SU. So this is a game that comes down to pride, which team wants it more. The Chargers enjoyed a little hurrah in week 15 when they beat the deflated Miami Dolphins, but this week they’re on the road to a divisional foe that stunned them at home 37-29 earlier in the season. The Raiders have crashed back down to earth in recent weeks and wins have been difficult to come by for the most part, save for the stunner over Denver a few weeks back. They failed to back it up in week 15, losing to the Packers 30-20 at home. In their second straight home game against a Chargers side that is wholly off colour and inconsistent, it does seem a good opportunity for the Raiders to bounce back.

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837213, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Raiders -225
Best Line Offered: at 5Dimes


Redskins vs. Eagles
When looking at the NFC East the first thought that springs to mind is whether any team wants to even win the title? So dysfunctional is the field that it’s anybody’s guess down the stretch. Surprisingly, the Redskins are in the ascendancy in this group. Kirk Cousins is making the best of his opportunity replacing RGIII and, in turn, taking advantage of the seriously defunct NFC East. Redskins are in top spot and a win here would practically assure them the title. Problem is their road form is nothing to write home about at 1-5 SU with two games left on the season, both of which are on the road. Predictably, the Redskins are at the disadvantage for this game based on their travelling yips. Then there is the pressure of the occasion itself. However, it’s not all bad news for the Redskins. The Eagles just laid an egg on Sunday, which sets them back in the playoff hunt. They are now stuck between a rock and a hard place and must win out the last two games and cross their fingers that all goes their way if they are to make the playoffs. They have home advantage for this game, which counts for something. But don’t go betting the farm on them because the way they’ve been playing hardly inspires any confidence. We’re giving the slight edge to the Eagles on our NFL picks, hoping they get fired up for this game the way they did when they beat the Patriots a few weeks ago. Luck to us!

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837214, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Eagles -158
Best Line Offered: at Pinnacle


Panthers vs. Falcons
Last week, we bet against the Panthers on our money line picks. It almost did come through for us, but for Odell Beckham Jr. boggling it by being a right twat. In any event, no sense in crying over spilt beer. Moral of the story: don’t bet against the Panthers. Besides, it was only a couple of weeks ago when the Panthers crushed the Falcons 38-0. Do you think the Falcons have improved a whole lot in 14 days?

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837222, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Panthers -295
Best Line Offered: at Pinnacle


Bears vs. Bucs
So much for a feel good story about an unheralded quarterback achieving something he’s yet to achieve, consistency. The long-awaited mental transformation and complete makeover of a player that’s long been one of the great enigmas in the game: super talented but a complete mental train wreck didn’t come to pass under the great tutelage of John Fox. Jay Cutler just can’t help being Jay Cutler. Those sepia-toned memories recalled nowhere more so than last week against the Vikings. Let’s face it, the few games this season that have seen an improved Jay Cutler were just that, a few games. Too far in between to constitute a total and complete reinvention of a player. The Bears are done and done, which makes this game an opportunity for the coaching staff to get a head start on the future. The future has already begun in Tampa Bay with Jameis Winston. Last week, the Bucs lost to the Rams, making their bid for a playoff spot that much more of a long shot and it only underscored Winston’s lack of experience particularly under the spotlight. However, the Bucs will still be looking to finish their season on a high note and this is a game that is certainly winnable at home.

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837216, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Bucs -160
Best Line Offered: at Heritage


Browns vs. Chiefs
The Chiefs are rolling into week 16 sporting an 8-game winning streak and looking to muscle their way into the playoff picture. Browns, meanwhile, are headed to the drawing board in the offseason; their main priority now is to assess whether Manziel has a future with the organisation. Arrowhead is going to be a serious test for the problem child, his second in as many weeks after being mowed over at CenturyLink.

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837221, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Chiefs -710
Best Line Offered: at BetOnline


Cowboys vs. Bills
The Cowboys can’t seem to buy a win no matter how hard they try. That doesn’t appear to be changing any time soon if they continue to rummage in the quarterback scrap pile. The Bills are coming off a loss to the Redskins on the road, which practically has them out of the playoff race. Essentially, this is a meaningless game towards the postseason. Still, the Bills are the better team and this is a good opportunity for them to regain a modicum of pride for what was a decent season under first-year coach Rex Ryan.

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837224, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Bills -255
Best Line Offered: at Heritage


Texans vs. Titans
The odds makers are holding out on this game because there are quarterback question marks on both sides of the coin. Brian Hoyer missed last week’s game with a concussion while TJ Yates injured his knee in a 16-10 win over the Colts. The Titans have only gone and lost their prized NFL draft pick Marcus Mariota to injury for the second time this season and it remains to be seen whether he’ll start this weekend. Without the No.2 NFL pick, the Titans really don’t have viable alternatives. If we’re to blindly make an NFL pick here, we’re backing the Texans to win straight up. They are the better team and their defense is playing at a much higher level now than it was at the start of the season. Plus, they are still in the AFC South title hunt.

NFL Picks: Texans -169 at Heritage

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Colts vs. Dolphins
The Colts are in dire straits. Andrew Luck doesn’t look ready to come back into the line-up. In fact, Chuck Pagano said as much already about his starter, and Matt Hasselbeck’s magic seems to be waning, not to mention he’s pretty beat up. This means that Charlie Whitehurst could potentially get the start for Sunday’s clash against the Dolphins. Whichever way you slice this game, the prognosis for the Colts and their desperate playoff bid can’t be good. Besides, one has to wonder what they’ll be able to accomplish if they do get into the playoffs with an under prepared Andrew Luck. The Dolphins have a shot at play spoilers here. We didn’t see a lot of spunk from them in their game last week, but that could be down to several factors – the long trek, short week and disappointment of being eliminated from the playoff race. It’s another week. A home game and Dan Campbell and the Fins have a good chance to heap more misery on the Colts, if nothing else.

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837217, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Dolphins


Patriots vs. Jets
The Patriots and Jets collide in what is sure to be a pivotal game towards the playoff picture in the AFC, not to mention the Jets bid to even make the playoffs. The Jets have to win out and hope the dominoes fall their way if they make the postseason. That’ll motivate them for this game, surely. It’s going to come down to quarterback play in this game and when the choice is between Tom Brady and Ryan Fitzpatrick, you have to go with Tom Brady. Hats off to Fitzpatrick though for the veteran has punched way above his weight class and given the Jets a much better chance than Geno Smith ever would have. That said, this game could be a lot closer than most NFL bettors would have it.

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837215, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Patriots -156
Best Line Offered: at Pinnacle


Steelers vs. Ravens
The Ravens are a mess. This has to be a straightforward NFL pick on the Steelers as a result. Granted it’s a divisional rivalry and those tend to be closer than most other games, but the Steelers are on a hot streak right now and the Ravens are going nowhere.

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2961853, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Steelers -440
Best Line Offered: at BetOnline


Niners vs. Lions
The Lions are coming off a stellar 35-27 win over the Saints in MNF, winning a veritable shootout with Drew Brees and company and on the road. The win marked only their fifth win of the season. The Niners, meanwhile, succumbed to a loss to the Bengals in week 15, slipping to a 4-10 SU record. Very little separates either team on the bottom line but we must be able to agree on one thing and that is the Lions are the better team.

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837219, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Lions -438
Best Line Offered: at BetOnline


Jaguars vs. Saints
The Jaguars descend on the Saints at the Superdome in week 16 NFL betting, all while the Saints are winless at home in their last three games. Most recently, the Saints lost at home to the Lions 35-27. Prior to that they lost to the Panthers 41-38 and the Titans 34-28. Drew Brees is questionable for the game while the Saints defense has been questionable all season long. That adds up to a potential road win by the Jaguars for the first time at the Superdome in forever. 

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837220, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Jaguars +155 5Dimes


Packers vs. Cardinals
The Packers and Cardinals are sure to serve up a thriller in week 16 NFL betting as each side looks to flex its NFC clout before the playoffs. The Packers are riding a three-game winning streak since the Hail Mary that lifted them to victory over the Lions in week 13. The Cards are riding an eight-game winning streak and look to be one of the hottest teams in the NFC. They just underscored their credentials with a comprehensive beat down of the Eagles. This is going to be a tough game to call on our NFL picks. It really could go either way. Cardinals should win but the Packers could win. Heck, we’re going for the upset.

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837225, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Packers +175
Best Line Offered: at William Hill


Rams vs. Seahawks
The Seahawks are tough to beat at home. Then there’s the revenge factor, having lost their season opener in St. Louis. Rams have done well to pick up form under Case Keenum, but the Seahawks at home are a tough prospect for anybody let alone the Rams.

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837226, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Seahawks -880
Best Line Offered: at Pinnacle


Giants vs. Vikings
The Giants travel to Minnesota desperate for a win to salvage their slim playoff hopes. The Vikings, meanwhile, could still win the NFC North if they win out the last two games. That sets up an intriguing clash for SNF that NFL bettors will be keen to sink their teeth into. As it is, the Vikings have the edge on the NFL odds board not to mention the home advantage where they have been tough to beat this season. Their favouritism is furthered along by the news Odell Beckham Jr.’s suspension was upheld. By that same token, there are those NFL bettors that don’t believe the Giants can win without their game changer. Granted Odell is the X-factor for the G-men, but last week he proved more of a distraction than anything else. As well, the notion suggests they are merely a one-trick pony, which is hardly fair. Eli Manning and the G-men have built a reputation for their dangerous floating ways long before the advent of Odell. There’s no reason to assume they can’t rise to the occasion in this pivotal game. It’s worth noting the Vikings have buckled under the pressure down the stretch already, in losses to the Packers, Seahawks and Cardinals. 

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837223, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Giants +235 Pinnacle


Bengals vs. Broncos
This is another tough game to call on the NFL schedule. The Broncos are coming off their second loss behind Brock Osweiler, a rather stunning loss in which they failed to score any points in the second half, thereby allowing the Steelers to rally from behind and win. Brock Osweiler appears to be slated for his sixth start of the season with Peyton Manning still not 100% fit. Bengals aren’t in better shape with Andy Dalton side lined and AJ McCarron calling the shots. Although they won last week in San Francisco, the Denver defense is sure to give AJ Macarron a much stiffer test.

[/]{"component":"oddswidget", "eventId":2837228, "sportsbooksIds":[169,1096,93,19,92,238], "LineTypeId":2, "PeriodTypeId":1}[/]
NFL Picks: Broncos -180 
Best Line Offered: at Bet365

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