Week 12 NFL Betting Odds: Sportsbooks Shift Early Vegas Offerings

Nikki Adams

Wednesday, November 25, 2015 1:57 PM UTC

Wednesday, Nov. 25, 2015 1:57 PM UTC

We examine the NFL odds currently trading for Week 12 and spot some of the major moves to occur since odds makers went to press with their Advanced serving last week.

Advanced NFL Betting Lines and Moves
At the weekend, Kevin Stott previewed the advanced NFL betting lines Westgate went to press with for week 12 games. 

Here we look at how those NFL odds changed at the close of week 11, be it down to game results, key injuries, quarterback issues and controversy or for any other significant reasons.

Saints vs. Texans: Advanced Line: OBT
With the Saints on a bye week and Brian Hoyer side lined in week 11, books kept this game off the board. Following the Texans’ 24-17 win over New York Jets behind T.J. Yates on Sunday, Houston emerged as the 3-point favourites at Westgate. It’s yet to be determined whether Brian Hoyer will be ready to play or whether T.J. Yates will continue in relief. Early betting hasn’t changed the NFL line much, which suggests the bookies just might have the line right.


Vikings vs. Falcons Advanced Line: Atlanta (-3)
Minnesota failed to come through as the minus 1 home chalk in Sunday’s highly-anticipated NFC North showdown with the Packers. Similarly, the Falcons failed to come through as the minus 6 home chalk in a 24-21 loss to the Matt Hasselbeck inspired Colts. On the heels of those disappointments, Westgate reopened with Falcons as the minus 1.5 home chalk.


Rams vs. Bengals Advanced Line: Cincinnati (-7)
Even though the Bengals succumbed to a horrible 10-6 loss to the Texans in week 10, advanced lines for week 12 last week had the Bengals installed as the minus 7 home chalk. On the heels of a second straight loss by the Bengals against the Cardinals, Westgate reopened with the Bengals installed as the 7.5-point faves, up from the advanced 7-points. That has to do with the way the Bengals competed against the Cardinals in a narrow 34-31 loss as well the Rams’ debacle against the Ravens, losing 16-13 all while a concussed Case Keenum was left to play in the game. Early NFL bettors have already bet this line up to 9-points or higher. At 5Dimes it’s at a midweek high of 10-points.


Buccaneers vs. Colts Advanced Line: Indy (-3.5)
Even with Matt Hasselbeck in relief for Andrew Luck, odds makers advanced a 3.5-point line on this matchup with the Colts to the good at home. After the 40-year-old starter improved to a 3-0 SU mark in relief duty, Westgate lines reopened with the Colts favoured by just a field goal. That slight move is partly down to the Bucs winning in a big way on the road, handing the Eagles an embarrassing 45-17 loss all while Jameis Winston threw 5TD passes. For the most part, the 3-point line is holding across various sports betting platforms.


Giants vs. Redskins Advanced Line: Pick Em'
Westgate rolled out a pick’em line on this matchup last week, after the Redskins routed the Saints at home. After the Redskins were themselves routed by the Panthers on the road, the Giants spring onto the NFL odds board as the 1.5-point road chalk. That line has already been bet up to 2.5-points by early bettors.


Raiders vs. Titans Advanced Line: Oakland (-1.5)
Last week, the Raiders were installed as the minus 1.5 road chalk in their week 12 date with the Titans. Although they lost to the hapless Lions on the road, 18-13 while installed as the 2-point road chalk, their stock remains the same. Clearly, odds makers aren’t high on the Titans, who lost 19-13 to the Jaguars on the road on Thursday Night Football.


Bills vs. Chiefs Advanced Line: Kansas City (-3)
Westgate went to press with a 3-point line on this game last week. After the Chiefs thumped the Chargers 33-3 on the road, they reopened with a 3.5-point line. Following the 20-13 loss by the Bills to the Patriots on Monday Night Football, the line started to move higher. Some sportsbooks are trading as high as 5-points such as BetOnline.


Dolphins vs. Jets Advanced Line: New York (-3.5)
Westgate advanced a 3.5-point line on this game with the Jets to the good last week. After both sides lost their week 10 encounters – Dolphins lost 24-14 to Cowboys and Jets lost 24-17 to Texans – Westgate reopened with a 4.5-point line on this game. That has come down since to 3.5-points on the heels of early betting.


Chargers vs. Jaguars Advanced Line: Jacksonville (-1.5)
Even before the abysmal 33-3 loss to the Chiefs, Westgate had the Chargers as the road underdogs, albeit minimally so at minus 1.5. At the close of Sunday’s round of NFL betting action, they reopened the game on a 4.5-point line with the Jaguars to the good at home. Early money coming down the wire has brought it down to 4-points, but there’s sure to be more movement here as NFL bettors grapple with preconceived notions and current realities.


Cardinals vs. 49ers Advanced Line: Arizona (-8)
Advanced lines opened with the Cardinals as the hefty 8-point favourites on the road to the Niners. Following the gauntlet throwing win over the Bengals on MNF, the Cardinals reopened on 10-points with Westgate. Early money has bet that line up to 11.5-points already at some sportsbooks, including 5Dimes.


Steelers vs. Seahawks Advanced Line: Seattle (-3)
Westgate went to press with a rather modest NFL line on this game with the Seahawks as the minus 3 favourites. Seahawks traipsed to the easy win over the Niners in week 11 while the Steelers sat out on a bye week. Westgate reopened with the Seahawks favoured at minus 3.5 points, but that NFL line is now up to 4-points as early money pours in.


Patriots vs. Broncos Advanced Line: New England (-5.5)
Westgate went to press with the Patriots as the minus 5.5 point favourites over the Broncos last week. Following Denver’s win over the Bears on the road with Brock Osweiler at quarterback and the Patriots’ improving to 10-0 SU behind a MNF win over the Bills, Westgate reopened the Patriots down to just a field goal advantage.


Ravens vs. Browns Advanced Line: Cleveland (-2.5)
Ravens were installed as the 2.5-point road faves for this MNF clash with the Browns, but after they lost Joe Flacco for the season in a winning 16-13 win over the Rams odds makers reopened with a pick’em. Matt Schaub Is set to lead the 3-7 SU Ravens the rest of the way. Talking about quarterback controversies, this just in: Johnny Manziel is NOT going to start this game, losing the starting role after images surfaced of him partying during the Bye week. So it’s back to Josh McCown. Early betting moved the Browns to 3-point home chalk, so it’ll be interesting to see how these lines move following the latest Manziel brouhaha and as we get closer to game time.


Eagles vs. Lions Advanced Line: Philadelphia (-3)
Westgate rolled out a 3-point spread on the upcoming clash between the Eagles and Lions, with the former assuming the role of road favourite. At the heels of week 12 that outlook changed considerably, with books reopening on a pick’em line. Eagles’ stock value plummeted behind a 44-16 loss to the Bucs, all while installed as the 5.5-point home chalk. Lions, meanwhile, saw their stock rise behind an 18-16 win at home over the Raiders, all while installed as the 2-point home pups or thereabouts.

As it is, most sportsbooks are firmly sat on a pick’em for this game, with only a few moving towards a 1-point spread. Not only are these two sides enjoying contrasting fortunes, lending to this sudden NFL betting reversal, but also the quarterback situation in Philadelphia is up in the air. It’s not confirmed whether Sam Bradford will be ready to play on Thursday Night.


Panthers vs. Cowboys: Advanced Line: Dallas (-1)
Even before Tony Romo took to the field on Sunday in Miami, Westgate optimistically installed the Cowboys as the 1-point home favourites. That move was underscored splendidly by a 24-14 win by the Cowboys (+1.5) over the Dolphins on the road, prompting Westgate to reopen the line on this game with the Cowboys matched at -2.5 even though the Panthers are 10-0 SU and riding a 14-game winning streak in the regular season that goes back to the end of 2014.


Bears vs. Packers Advanced Line: Packers (-7)
Green Bay Packers quelled their doubters with a big win over Minnesota Vikings in week 11 to reclaim to spot in the NFC North. The highly-anticipated Thanksgiving clash with the Bears opened at 7-points last week, despite the Packers riding a three-game losing streak then. The line reopens with the Packers favoured by an additional half-point (-7.5) at home, a move underscored also by the Bears’ loss to Brock Osweiler and the Broncos. Early NFL betting has already bet the line up to 8.5-to-9 points at various sportsbooks including BetOnline and Bovada. At 5Dimes it’s all the way up to 10-points.

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