Week 1 Free NFL Picks & Odds Report

Nikki Adams

Friday, August 29, 2014 8:35 PM UTC

Friday, Aug. 29, 2014 8:35 PM UTC

The Week 1 NFL Odds are hot off the press, and we are here to give you an early rundown of all of the betting lines, along with our early thoughts for each matchup. 


4th Sept.
NFL Thursday September 4th

By: Nikki Adams


Packers vs. Seahawks

Green Bay Packers +195, +5.0 (-110) O/U 45.5 -110
Seattle Seahawks -235, -5.0 (-110) O/U 45.5 -110
Betting Analysis: In a game where no love is lost between two bitter rivals, which way does the NFL bettor cast his favor? Most bettors, experts and pundits are paying homage to -235 NFL odds on a Seahawks win, and for good reason. It’s the first game of the season, a home opener, where they’ll have the 12th man out in full force to ‘oooh’ and ‘aaah’ at the gleaming Super Bowl rings their Hawks will be brandishing. Oh, let’s not forget Russell Wilson is pretty good under centre, and together with his lethal offense he makes scoring look so effortless and easy; defense was one of the stingiest last season; and home record is nothing to scoff at with a 9-1 SU record in their last ten domestics. Plus, the Seahawks would love nothing better than to silence naysayers, prove they are immune to the Super Bowl hangover.

That’s the case made for a Seahawks win. But surely the Packers are worth your two cents, if you will. Given their quality, depth and skill on both sides of the ball they seem awfully long at +195 NFL odds to win outright. For the Packers winning this game would mean everything. It would avenge niggling memories of the infamous Failed Mary, not to mention throw down the gauntlet and announce their serious intentions on the season. Of course, they’d need to overcome a few “teeny weenie” details: CenturyLink Field, the infamous 12th man and Hawks’ dominant form at home. But it’s not really as impossible as the majority seem convinced it is. Let’s put it another way, a side of Packers’ ilk at +195 to win straight up are just too tempting an NFL Pick to let slip through your fingers without at least a small tickle.
NFL Picks: Packers +195


7th Sept.
NFL Sunday September 7th

By: Nikki Adams


Bills vs. Bears

Buffalo Bills +230, +6.0 -105 O/U 48.5
Chicago Bears -280, -6.0 -115 O/U 48.5
Betting Analysis: The recommended NFL pick is the Chicago Bears to win straight up at home and cover as the 6-point favorites on the spread. Without going too deeply into this NFL pick, suffice it to say we’re not comfortable trusting EJ Manuel and the Bills, especially not on the road against a Bears side that has simply too many offensive weapons for them to handle.
NFL Picks: Bears -280 SU and cover at -6.0 -115


Bengals vs. Ravens

Cincinnati Bengals +120, +2.5 -110 O/U 43.0
Baltimore Ravens -140, -2.5 -110 O/U 43.0
Betting Analysis: Circle this game on your calendar because if it lives up to the hype, it should be a fantastic shootout between two legitimate Super Bowl contenders this season and a close call. Appropriately, the game is set on a tight NFL betting line with angles for profit on both sides. For our money, we fancy Joe Flacco and the Ravens, who were most convincing in the preseason and showed us just how appealing Kubiak’s offensive scheme can be when done right.
NFL Picks: Ravens -140 SU and to cover -2.5 -110


Browns vs. Steelers

Cleveland Browns
Pittsburgh Steelers

Betting Analysis: Neither Hoyer nor Manziel impressed in the preseason so it doesn’t really make much of a difference if the former starts while the latter sports a baseball cap and a clipboard or vice versa. Whichever way the Browns shape up, the Steelers should take this game convincingly, continuing their domination over Cleveland this side of the Century.
NFL Picks: Steelers -290 SU and cover -6.5 -110


Jaguars vs. Eagles

Jacksonville Jaguars +425, +10.5 -110 O/U 53.0
Philadelphia Eagles -550, -10.5 -110 O/U 53.0
Betting Analysis: One of the largest spreads in week 1 NFL betting goes to the Eagles, despite the fact that Chip Kelly and company haven’t ever covered a game when they were favored by a touchdown, never mind double-digits. So, initial instinct is to recommend the Jaguars at +10.5 to cover as the savvy NFL pick. However, just because they’ve not done it before doesn’t mean they can’t do it this time. Jaguars are still rebuilding and Eagles offense can be impressive if Nick Foles lights up.
NFL Picks: Eagles -10.5- 110


Vikings vs. Rams

Minnesota Vikings
St. Louis Rams

Betting Analysis: The line is yet to be revealed on this game, but no matter what it is, the smart NFL pick is to back the Vikings. Everything is up in the air where the Rams are concerned now that Sam Bradford is out for the season. Matt Cassel will start for the Vikings. Rams will try to fill the gaping hole with somebody, anybody.
NFL Picks: Minnesota


Patriots vs. Dolphins

New England Patriots -225, -4.5 -110 O/U 47.0
Miami Dolphins +185 +4.5 -110
Betting Analysis: Just the fact that the Patriots are the favorites on the road across the board tells us all we need to know. The Patriots are dialed into the Dolphins, having beaten them in Miami five times in the last seven years.
NFL Picks: Patriots -4.5 -110


Saints vs. Falcons

New Orleans Saints -150, -2.5 -120 O/U 51.5
Atlanta Falcons +130, +2.5 +100 O/U 51.5
Betting Analysis: The Saints weren’t great on the road last season, while the Falcons weren’t great at all. This term, everybody figures each side will have improved on the respective issues last season revealed. Hence, this game is matched on much tighter NFL odds than one would have expected given their contrasting seasons.
NFL Picks: Under 51.5

Raiders vs. Jets

Oakland Raiders +185, +4.5 -110 O/U 39.0
New York Jets -225, -4.5 -110 O/U 39.0
Betting Analysis: Geno Smith has much better weapons at his disposal this season than he did last when they beat the Raiders convincingly 37-27. The Raiders are after a big 41-31 win over Seattle Seahawks in the final week of the preseason, albeit mostly a second-string Hawks side. This game cuts either way in our opinion therefore. At first glance, the Jets to open their season in winning style over the Raiders seemed to be the best NFL pick. But then we got thinking the Raiders could surprise.
NFL Picks: Jets to win straight up -225, Raiders to cover +4.5


Titans vs. Chiefs

Tennessee Titans +185 +4.5 -110 O/U 43.5
Kansas City Chiefs -225, -4.5 -110 O/U 43.5
Betting Analysis: The Chiefs left many questions unanswered in preseason NFL betting, going 1-3 SU, 1-1 at home. But this is exactly the sort of game Alex Smith and Company must win if they are to quell any doubts. Home advantage over a suspect Titans should be the decider.
NFL Picks: Chiefs -225 SU/ Under 43.5


Redskins vs. Texans

Washington Redskins + 125, 2.5 -105 O/U 45.0
Houston Texans -145, -2.5 -115 O/U 45.0
Betting Analysis: Texans defense should have a field day with RGIII and Company. The Redskins didn’t look convincing in preseason. They are under new management, new system and if preseason were any indication they’ll need some time to adjust.
NFL Picks: Texans to win straight up -145, Under 45.0


Panthers vs. Buccaneers

Carolina Panthers
Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Betting Analysis: The NFL betting line isn’t up for this game yet but we’re going to take a chance on the Buccaneers. They are better than they were last season and Lovie Smith’s defense could rise to the occasion against a Panthers side that’s seen its offense decimated during the offseason. 
NFL Picks: Buccaneers


49ers vs. Cowboys

San Francisco 49ers – 260, -5.5 -110 O/U 45.0
Dallas Cowboys +215, +5.5 -110 O/U 45.0
Betting Analysis: It’s debatable which side was worse during the preseason – Niners or Cowboys. To some respect the Niners were worse given the fact that they have no excuse for it. Cowboys can at least hang their hat on several things, such as Romo coming off injury...salary caps...and so on. In any event, the Niners aren’t the worse for it in NFL betting markets, fancied at -260 NFL odds to win outright. Are they worth such short odds? After the unmemorable, erratic preseason they’d deposited, not at all. Nonetheless they still should win this game.
NFL Picks: Niners to cover -5.5 -110


Colts vs. Broncos

Indianapolis Colts +260, +7.0 -115 O/U 55.00
Denver Broncos -320, -7.0 -105 O/U 55.00
Betting Analysis: Peyton Manning and his Broncos must have had this date circled since the schedule came out surely, the memory of last season’s defeat at Indianapolis a score he’s been waiting to personally settle. The best bit: the Broncos are only favored by a touchdown. You have to believe Manning can do better than that. Back the Broncos to a big win over a Colts side that failed to impress in preseason.
NFL Picks: Broncos -7.0


8th Sept.
NFL Monday September 8th

By: Nikki Adams


Giants vs. Lions

New York Giants +180 +4.5 -110 O/U 46.5
Detroit Lions -220 -4.5 -110 O/U 46.5
Betting Analysis: The Giants finished the preseason with a perfect 5-0 record, which includes winning the Hall of Fame game. They also beat the Lions a 23-20 in overtime last season in week 16, in a second half of the season where they won seven of their last ten games overall. That said, odds makers aren’t convinced by the Giants matching them as the +180 underdogs to win SU. Given the preseason, we think the Giants are too good to skip at such long odds.
NFL Picks: Giants +180 SU

Chargers vs. Cardinals

San Diego Chargers +160 +3.0 +105 O/U 44.5
Arizona Cardinals -180, -3.0 -125 O/U 44.5
Betting Analysis: Conveniently, we’ve had a nice preview of this clash in the preseason, the final lap that Chargers won 12-9 at home to the Cardinals. This time around they are in Arizona, which tips the scale towards the Cardinals who are matched at -180 to win outright. But does it really?
NFL Picks: Chargers +160 SU at BetOnline Sportsbook

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