Wednesday's Line Moves That Can Add Value to Your College Football & NFL Picks

Chris Andrews

Wednesday, December 9, 2015 8:21 PM UTC

Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015 8:21 PM UTC

All the moves of the day in the NFL and the bowl games. Check how lines are shifting & check if it's the right timing to make your sports picks before the public jumps in.

College Football
211 Western Kentucky/212 South Florida- Continued support for South Florida from sharp money and the public.  There was still some South Florida +3.5 floating around yesterday, but it has completely disappeared today. I am seeing as low as -2.5 on the college football odds now on Western Kentucky. Wiseguys have been on South Florida quite a bit this year as some early season losses threw them off the scent of the broad wagering public.


259 Michigan State/260 Alabama- No real moves, but Alabama now settling in at -9.5 with a little bit of -10 showing in a couple spots. There is plenty of public and sharp support for both sides at this point. A little more of the public favors Michigan State. Alabama dominated Florida in the SEC championship game, yet failed to put away the Gators and get the cover. Nothing is as bitter to favorite backers as the back door cover in game your team dominated.


261 Oklahoma/260 Clemson- This one is settling in between Oklahoma -3.5 and -4. Both numbers about equally present. Depending on which side you like, there are plenty of questions about the opposing coach’s ability to have their team prepared and win big games. Lord knows both teams, and their coaches, have had their share of success and failures. Of course neither coach would have the opportunity to lose big games if they didn’t win a lot of other big games that got them to that point.


101 Vikings/102 Cardinals- The Cardinals have moved from -7.5 to -8 in most sportsbooks. There is still some -7.5 around, though it will probably disappear by game time unless the wiseguys come in on the dog.


105 Steelers/106 Bengals- Big move on the Steelers. The Bengals were -3.5 or -3 NFL odds with heavy juice. Now the Bengals are down to -3 with heavy juice on the Steelers. The Bengals are cruising atop the division with a win over the Steelers in the bank from earlier in the season. Now the Steelers are rolling, but in no better than a three way tie for a wild card berth.


121 Colts/122 Jaguars- Still no line on this game as we await word on the status of the Colts’ Matthew Hasselbeck. Charlie Whitehurst will get the start if Hasselbeck can’t go.


131 Seahawks/132 Ravens- Another game where we are still awaiting a line due to a quarterback. The Ravens Matt Schaub remains questionable. Jimmy Clausen, who already lost to the Seahawks as a Bear earlier in the season, will take the reigns if Schaub isn’t ready by Sunday.

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