Valuable Season-Long Scoring Betting Odds You Can't Afford To Miss

Saturday, July 23, 2016 6:02 PM UTC

Saturday, Jul. 23, 2016 6:02 PM UTC

Now Bet365 have NFL Odds for a team’s regular season scoring totals. Though a very tough thing to handicap, it can provide some great betting odds value as a season long team prop. I have found a few that might end up being a winning ticket by the time the season ends. 

Oakland Raiders
Bet365 posts three options for each team in this prop. There is a number for the over and a separate one for the under. However, they also include an inclusive range for each team, which is the range in between the under and over. For instance, the over for Oakland is 388, while the under is 335. The inclusive range is therefore 335-388, which has betting odds of +170.

However, the over and under have odds of +170 as well for the silver and black and after the impressive offensive season they had in 2015, I am ready to back the over with the Raiders.

Oakland scored 359 points in 2015, which ranked them 17th in the league. However, if their newly formed defense can give Derek Carr the ball more, (Oakland ranked 25th in time of possession last season at 29:07 minutes per game) this is an easy over play for me. Latavius Murray should give them a solid run game if he is healthy, while Carr’s passing ability and targets gives him clear value here.

My Pick: Over 388 +170


Detroit Lions
The Lions lost their biggest offensive weapon in Calvin Johnson this offseason and now they have to go into battle in the NFC North without much of a passing game. I have always believed that Matt Stafford is not a great quarterback and that the only reason he looked good at times was because he had one of the best receivers of all time catching his passes.

Now Stafford has a receiving core of Golden Tate, an overvalued Eric Ebron and an overpaid Marvin Jones. With an average run game at best, there is no way the Lions fall anywhere other than the under in this one.

Last season Detroit scored 358 points, which still ranked just inside the bottom half of the league. Without Johnson this season, Bet365 is still giving way too much juice to their betting odds of 330-383. I think they fall way down the  NFL odds for scoring, and potentially fail to average even 20 points per game.

My Pick: Under 330 +170


Arizona Cardinals
The Arizona Cardinals were the league’s second best offense last year when it came to scoring points, as they racked up a total of 489 points, which is more than 30 points per game. With Carson Palmer presumably healthy all year and with one of the deadlier combos of a running and passing game in the NFC, this team should once again average 30 points per game.

If that’s the case, and the Cards can post similar numbers, they are easily going over their NFL Odds for scoring from bet365. Right now they have them at a range of 373-438. Even though the over is now as good of a value at +115, it’s still a solid bet to cash at the end of the season.

Arizona got better on defense, which could vault them into the top five in time of possession next season. They also have the ability to run out several sets including four wide and two tight ends. Along with a deep and speedy running back core, the Cards are going to easily average 30 points per game again. Even if they only average 28 per game, the NFL picks on the over will still cash.

My Pick: Over 438 +115

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