Update on AFC East Division NFL Futures Odds & Picks

Jordan Sharp

Wednesday, July 30, 2014 3:40 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jul. 30, 2014 3:40 PM UTC

The AFC East may be won before the season even starts. With heavy NFL Odds favoring one team, it’s hard to see any surprises. The NFL Odds from Bovada are pretty sharp, however even with so futures value, these odds could tell more about upcoming ATS value. 

New England Patriots (-275)
New England has just gotten better this summer, and the AFC East divisional title may be a matter of when, not if for the Patriots. At -275, they are the biggest NFL Odds favorite to win their division outside of the Broncos in the AFC West. All three of the other teams in this division have offenses with half the firepower of New England. On top of that, the Pats’ defense is going to be even better this season following the acquisition of Brandon Browner and Darrelle Revis. As long as everyone stays healthy and on the field, the Patriots are the play. However with so much chalk in their NFL Odds price, it’s hard to make an argument for them as NFL betting picks on their divisional odds.


Miami Dolphins (+500)
The drop-off from first to second is severe, and at +500 the Dolphins aren’t being taken very seriously. While they have tried to improve their offensive line this summer, it doesn’t look like they have gotten better fast enough. Ryan Tannehill took the most sacks of any other NFL quarterback last season. If he gets hit that many times again, the Dolphins aren’t even going to sniff the playoffs like they did in 2013. Not only could their o-line affect the passing game, but also run blocking wasn’t exactly their strong suit last season. Lamar Miller has a lot riding on his shoulder pads this season.


New York Jets (+750)
This is where the AFC East NFL Odds start to get interesting. All the way down at +750 may be the AFC's best defensive line, and what could be a pretty good run game in New York this season. Combine that with their NFL Odds of +750, and you have a potential value. However the Jets are not beating out the Patriots for the AFC East without a swift act of God. The only way New York is going to potentially hold value this season is ATS. At +750, the Jets are not that reasonably priced, and from Bovada that is somewhat rare. New York could be above .500 this season if all goes well, and their prices do not reflect that. They could easily be above .500 ATS too.


Buffalo Bills (+850)
The problem with the Bills is that there is way more negativity that positivity going on right now in Bills camp. The team could be out of the city within five years, and the team is knee deep in rebuilding. The skill players are some of the youngest in the entire league, and even though they play in a “bad,” division, the Bills might not win more than four or five games this season. They will have to rely a lot on their running game, but even though they might have an average season, they likely won’t hold much value in the NFL Odds unless EJ Manuel can take a big leap forward.

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