Two Secure NFL Player Props in Texans' Watt & Clowney

Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, September 3, 2014 6:14 PM UTC

Wednesday, Sep. 3, 2014 6:14 PM UTC

J.J. Watt got handsomely rewarded over the weekend and the Texans just secured the most ferocious defensive end in the league but how will this impact their NFL odds going forward?

$100,000,000 Watt
For Watt it’s worth (did you see what I did there?) the Houston Texans not only did the right thing but did the only thing by locking up J.J. Watt to a long term, big money deal. Watt is not just good, he’s elite and at 25-years-old is just coming into his prime. By the time his deal is done he will be 31, and barring injury, will still be a force on the Texans’ defensive front. However staying healthy in the NFL is no small task but if he does Houston will have hit the jackpot with this high profile mega signing.


History Made Could Mean High Reward in NFL Prop Odds
Based on Jadeveon Clowney’s performance during the preseason it’s fair to say the Texans are grinning from ear to ear which might have contributed to them signing Watt to a long term deal. Fielding these twin terrors for seasons to come will put fannies in the seats and cause nightmares for opposing quarterbacks and their offensive coordinators. But let’s see how the Texans’ gain can be our financial reward.


Regular Season - Player To Make The Most Sacks Betting Odds is offering 10-1 on J.J. Watt to end the regular season with the most sacks. Last season he dipped from a phenomenal 20 ½ sacks in 2012 to a more pedestrian10 ½ (by his standards), however Watt had to contend with double and triple teams but this season he now has Clowney on the other end to wreak havoc and create chaos. Teams will undoubtedly have to pick their poison as to which player will garner the most attention. I assure you if Clowney begins to eat up opposing tackles, Watt will have more room to roam and that spells nothing but bad news for quarterbacks yet could be money in the bank for those bettors with an investment in Watt to lead the pack in NFL sacks.


Regular Season - Defensive Player of the Year Betting Odds
Let’s take Watt’s anticipated domination this season one step further and look to as the place to get an 8-1 return in NFL odds on Watt securing the Defensive Player of the Year award. In 2012 Watt was damn near a unanimous choice when he won the NFL’s prestigious Defensive Player of the Year award. Now that Watt has what we predict will be a force of nature on the other side of the line in Jadeveon Clowney, his chances of reclaiming the award is most definitely enhanced. 

Of course Watt is not the only game in town and will have defensive stalwarts like Luke Keuchly of Carolina (6 ½ -1), Richard Sherman of Seattle (12-1), Von Miller of Denver (14-1) and Robert Quinn of St. Louis (16-1) to name but a few contenders. Yet, the wild card in all this is the presence and performance of Jadeveon Clowney. While he could contribute mightily towards a severe uptick in Watt’s performance, Clowney could also be the beneficiary of all those sacks if teams choose to keep their focus solely on Watt. 


Regular Season - Defensive Rookie of the Year Betting Odds
Speaking of Clowney, he is truly a consideration for Defensive Rookie of the Year and because offshore sportsbooks like are dealing NFL odds on such a proposition it might be wise to take a gander.  As of this writing is offering 4-1 in their NFL odds on Clowney walking away with the hardware. 

Could history be made with a Defensive Rookie of the Year and a Defensive Player of the Year both coming from the same team? The NFL odds say there’s a pretty good chance and my free NFL pick is to bet on just such an event. 

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