Trio of Team Prop Betting Options Worth Adding to Your Super Bowl Picks

Jordan Sharp

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 7:33 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2015 7:33 PM UTC

We are only days away from the big game, and I am back once again to release my NFL Picks for the Super Bowl team props. I have found some excellent props that have extra NFL Odds value.

O/U ½ FG in the 1st Quarter
I’ve mentioned before that I think this may be more of a defensive Super Bowl than an offensive one, and I think that still holds true this week. If that’s the case, I think seeing at least one field goal made in the first quarter is a reasonable expectation. If that’s the case, betting the over here with NFL Odds of (-125) could be a good way to kick off our prop betting.

Stephen Gostkowski hasn’t been too busy kicking anything longer than an extra point for the Patriots in the playoffs, but they Patriots have also yet to face a defense in these playoffs at the caliber of the Seahawks. On the flip side, the Seahawks haven’t kicked more than one field goal in the playoffs, but in the game against the Packers, Green bay kicked and made five, including two in the first quarter.

Free Super Bowl Prop Pick: OVER ½ FG in 1st quarter (-125)

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Will either team score three unanswered times?
In a game like this that should be close, I find it highly unlikely that either team wills core three unanswered times. This game being a blowout from either side would be incredibly shocking, and even though both teams scored, or were scored on three straight times in the Championship games, I don’t see it happening on the big stage.

It all comes right back to the defenses. In the biggest game of the season, both defenses will be extra hyped in the first quarter. It will hopefully lead to some red zone stops and field goals for our play above, but it will also hopefully limit the amount of runs each offense goes on. With how they have been playing it would be a big surprise to see either offense score three unanswered times. If it doesn’t happen, the profits for betting ‘no’ are great at (+160), and I am diving in once again into the three unanswered scores pool.

Free Super Bowl Prop Pick:  No 3 Unanswered Scores (+160)


Margin of Victory
This is a great prop from Bovada to end our team prop betting for the season. You can pick a winner and their margin of victory for some extreme profit potential, and for mine I have chosen the Patriots as my Super Bowl pick to win between 1-6 points at (+350). While it’s one of the lowest potential profits for any of the options on the Patriots side, it’s probably the most likely. The NFL Odds for the game are obviously favoring the Patriots by a point or two, and if that is the outcome I doubt the Patriots win by seven or more.

This is once again an instance of the sportsbook giving a similar bet to the spread, but with extremely better NFL Odds. If the Patriots win by three or four points, which is what a lot of people are suggesting, then +350 for a Pats victory between 1-6 looks like the sportsbooks are giving away money. I am all over it for the Super Bowl. Make sure you check back tomorrow for players prop picks for the big game!

Free Super Bowl Prop Pick:  Patriots 1-6 (+350)

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