Tom Brady a Member of the Illuminati: Secret Societies Playing a Part in this Year's Super Bowl Outcome?

Swinging Johnson

Thursday, January 29, 2015 7:05 PM UTC

Thursday, Jan. 29, 2015 7:05 PM UTC

This NFL handicapper has uncovered a shadowy group of power brokers & rainmakers who have predetermined the winner of Super Bowl XLIX right here. Mysterious forces are at work, even in NFL odds.

The Dark Society
Many of you looking for NFL picks reading this might be naturally inclined to disregard the Illuminati as a bunch of hocus-pocus similar to the Masons, the Mayan calendar or any number of mysterious and apocalyptic cabals purporting to know the time, place, and in this case the scores, of events yet to transpire. But if you believe that these invisible groups and the manifestations they conjure are the stuff of urban legend or flights of fancy then I beseech you to reconsider for what I am about to reveal will prove that these dynamic forces are real and world events are not orchestrated by presidents, prime ministers or heads of state. They are manufactured by men far more powerful whose sole purpose is to create anarchy, unrest or even war when it suits them or facilitate peace, harmony and tranquility if that indeed will culminate in the desired result.

This cadre of soothsayers and prophets are not borne out of a carnival sideshow but are inextricably linked to a society whose roots date back even before its founder Adam Weishaupt revealed their existence hundreds of years ago. A complex set of numerals, astrological signs and even a portal to the Divine account for their ability to tap the universe as the conduit to their unparalleled mastery of all they survey. The pyramid is the symbol that has become their trademark which illustrates the apotheosis or deification of this select group. Now you shall see exactly what they have in store for Super Bowl XLIX.

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It’s All in the Numbers
If you chart the coordinates between New England's Quarterback Tom Brady’s hometown of San Mateo, California, his adopted town of Boston, Massachusetts and his sunny retreat in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica you will no doubt find an almost perfect triangle. If you were to then draw a line from the apex of the triangle to the base you would find that his college home of Ann Arbor, Michigan is cut right down the middle. This coincidence is not so coincidental. This is merely a geometrical manifestation of why a kid regarded as a sixth round talent out of college conveniently morphed into one of the greatest quarterbacks of our time. His ascension was preordained and he is merely the vehicle that will put untold millions in the pockets of the Illuminati who have already determined the outcome.

So besides the Super Bowl odds, here are other important numbers for Sunday. Tom Brady was born on 08/03/1977 and wears number 12 while Russell Wilson was born on 11/29/1988 and wears number three. The date of the event is 02/01/2015 therefore if you add Brady’s numbers up individually including his jersey number you will have a sum of 47 while Wilson’s will total 42. Subtract the sum of the numbers of the date of the event (11) and the final score is Patriots 36 – Seahawks 31.

While many may scoff at this Super Bowl prediction there are legions who are aware of the immense capacity of forces outside our understanding and reasoning who will be nodding in agreement. So if you decide to bet the Seahawks and the ‘under’ know that the Illuminati is grinning and waiting to take your money.

Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum (Announcing the Birth of the New World Order)

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