Tim Tebow Signs With Philadelphia Eagles: Chip Kelly's Ego Trip Continues

Swinging Johnson

Monday, April 20, 2015 11:20 AM UTC

Monday, Apr. 20, 2015 11:20 AM UTC

Tim Tebow's days as a an NFL player are not over thanks to Chip Kelly and the Eagles but will his presence affect the NFL odds on Philadelphia and will he play a pivotal role in the City of Brotherly Love this season?

Philly Finds Religion
Chip Kelly has been called an innovator. Some might say he is one of those outside the box thinkers while others conjecture that he's simply a publicity hound. But whether you like him or not we can all agree he makes for great copy in the offseason. His latest dalliance with walking that tightrope between genius and jackass is his recent signing of the controversial Tim Tebow. After all, he only had three quarterbacks under contract, why not make it a quartet?

Tebow has been called a character guy and a positive clubhouse influence. His outspoken reverence for the Good Book is legendary but many find his proselytizing rather polarizing. He is also responsible for Tebowing which is now residing with Gangnam Style, Lance Armstrong's endorsements and Tiger's wedding ring. Gone but certainly not forgotten.

But I ask you dear reader is this really the environment in which a guy like Tim Tebow can thrive? Have you been to the old Veteran's Stadium or even the "new" Lincoln Financial Field also known as the Linc, short for the links on a pair of handcuffs that are often used to escort out unruly patrons. It's like a Super Max prison only the inmates wear green and white instead of orange. I tell you that if you are the least bit inclined to visit the City of Brotherly Love to see your favorite team take on the Eagles then be cautioned that wearing your team's jersey is tantamount to wearing a white hood while carrying a burning cross to a Crips meeting.

I'm not saying Philadelphia is expressly for thugs but I will say that if you're partial to crime, violence and mayhem then taking in an Eagles game might just be for you. Therefore, bringing Tim Tebow into the fold will be a bit of culture shock to be sure. I hear the famous Geno's on South 9th Street is adding a new sandwich to their menu. It's called the Tebow Deluxe and it comes with two pieces of bread, three pieces of fish and it feeds ten-thousand. Whether Tebow can turn water into wine at his new venue remains to be seen but every carnival needs a new attraction and this one is worth watching.

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The Depth Chart
Okay so Tim Tebow arrives in Philadelphia after stints in Denver, New York and a cup of coffee in New England. The former record setting Heisman Trophy winner is living proof that the pro game is indeed a different breed of cat from the college game. Tebow has been gritty, determined and passionate when asked to perform in the NFL but his passing game is so noticeably weak that teams have been rightfully turned off. So turned off in fact that Tebow has been unable to hook with a professional team since he was cut by the Patriots in training camp.

But now Chip Kelly comes out of nowhere to sign Tebow to the league minimum. It is a conundrum to be sure as Kelly traded veteran Nick Foles to St. Louis for the oft-injured Sam Bradford. In addition to Bradford the team also signed former Jet Mark Sanchez and has still retained the services of backup Matt Barkley. The Eagles now have three former first-round picks at the quarterback position and a former Heisman candidate in Barkley. Philadelphia's NFL odds have not changed since Tebow was inked and it will take much more than the signing of a 27-year-old SEC broadcaster who hasn't thrown a ball in anger in almost two years to lower the NFL odds of 9-1 to win the NFC and 18-1 to win the Super Bowl.

Tim Tebow is handsome, personable, loves Jesus and calls his mother every day. He's also now an official member of the Philadelphia Eagles. What could possibly go wrong?

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