Thursday's Notable Line Moves to Consider for Your College Football & NFL Picks

Chris Andrews

Friday, December 18, 2015 12:11 AM UTC

Friday, Dec. 18, 2015 12:11 AM UTC

All the Thursday line moves in the NFL and the bowl games. Check how lines are shifting & check if it's the right time to make your sports picks before the public jumps in.

301 Buccaneers/302 Rams- This one has really swung around. The game opened essentially pick. The first bug move was on the Rams, going as high as -3 NFL odds. Today it came back almost completely the other way. I do see some pick em, but mostly Rams -1 and even some -1.5. Interesting to see which side prevails.


309 Texans/310 Colts- Bookmaker and the Wynn are the first to test the waters on this game. Both opened the Colts -1 with question marks at quarterback for both squads.


311 Chiefs/312 Ravens- Nothing major, yet, but a little bit of a take on the Ravens +7.5 with their NFL picks. They take away your wiseguy card if you have at least a nibble on a home dog +7.5. I still see some 7.5 with juice on the dog, but the game is going to -7 in a lot of spots.


321 Browns/322 Seahawks- Money, mostly public, is accumulating on the Seahawks. There are still some -14.5 around but it is up to -15 in most places and my hunch is it is going higher. Bookmakers aren’t so afraid of these numbers that they won't move quickly off them.


327 Broncos/328 Steelers- It's been all Steelers from the public and the wiseguys. The Steelers are up to -6.5 virtually everywhere and some -7 is starting to show, though is with juice on the dog.


329 Bengals/330 49ers- Public money is accumulating on the Bengals. The Bengals go from -4.5 to -5 in many spots. Once again, those numbers don’t scare bookmakers, so moving on and of them are not such a big deal.


College Football
201 Arizona/202 New Mexico- Pretty major move on the dog here. The public had been favoring the dog all along, now the wiseguys have come in on the same side. Arizona had been as high as -10, now mostly -7.5 and -8 college football odds.


243 Baylor/244 North Carolina- Wiseguys came in on the dog yesterday afternoon, taking UNC +3 with their college football picks. Others followed, taking the game now as low as Baylor -1.5. Public had already been on North Carolina, wise guys taking the same side.


253 Louisville/254 Texas A&M- With all the trouble brewing at A&M it is no surprise the money has come in on Louisville, pushing them to the new favorite. I still see all sorts of numbers here, but in the major joints Louisville is anywhere from -1 to -2.5.

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