Teams to Consider Fading with NFL Picks: Losers of 2015 Draft

Jordan Sharp

Sunday, May 3, 2015 6:29 PM UTC

Sunday, May. 3, 2015 6:29 PM UTC

While it will be hard for those deciphering the NFL odds & perfecting their picks to tell who lost this draft for a few years, here are some teams that could have done better. 

Carolina Panthers
It’s not that I think the Panthers lost the draft, but I do think they just tried to clone two guys they already have with their first two overall picks, instead of going after some other needs. Shaq Thompson might turn out great, but they Panthers already have Thomas Davis at OLB, and while of course they both can play together, (and could be great, who knows) I would have liked to see the Panthers go with an offensive lineman here (or somewhere higher than the 3rd round). Plus they went after Devin Funchess at WR in the 2nd round, and he is like a carbon copy of Kelvin Benjamin. The Panthers were trying to go with the best player available, but it looks like it could have backfired.

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Indianapolis Colts
Oh, the Colts. Indianapolis is one of the AFC’s one hopes in dethroning the Patriots this season from another trip to the Super Bowl, and with their first pick they drafted the 6th receiver in the 1st round in Phillip Dorsett. After signing Andre Johnson in free agency, this seems kind of strange. You would think the Colts would need some defensive help early in the draft (they did draft CB D’Joun Smith in the 2nd) somewhere up front, or even another offensive lineman potentially, but that pick surprised me here. Keep your eyes on the NFL odds to see if there is any movement from this decision.


San Francisco 49ers
The 49ers are everyone’s new favorite dumpster fire, and they were at it once again in the 2015 draft. After a baffling offseason where they fired their coach, they lost both their starting corners, and they generally lost respect from a lot of people placing NFL picks, what do they do? They drafted zero cornerbacks, they drafted a punter, and overall from top to bottom, I don’t know where the value is. The rest of the division is improving, and probably all had better drafts than the 49ers here. I know people are surprised the Rams picked Todd Gurley so early, but if that pans out, the Niners will be the NFC West’s loser of the 2015 draft.


Tampa Bay Bucs
Unfortunately we won’t know if the Bucs lost this draft until a few years from now. However, if Jameis Winston doesn’t turn out well on the field, or if Marcus Mariota turns into a super star, or if Winston decides to do something stupid off the field, your Tampa Bay Bucs may be the biggest loser, not only of the 2015 draft, but also in draft history. Plus there are a lot of variables here. Winston’s 2014 college season wasn’t extremely impressive, as he regressed after his Heisman season, and if Mariota turns into the quarterback that we al thought Colin Kaepernick could be, the Bucs are the all time loser of this draft. 

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