Take It From A Pro - Success In Online Betting Requires Multiple Sportsbooks

Joe Gavazzi

Thursday, September 15, 2016 2:51 PM UTC

Thursday, Sep. 15, 2016 2:51 PM UTC

Back in the old days, serious sports bettors would 'shop 'til you drop' to get the best line on both sides of the game. Now, in the modern age, with the aid of SBR you can now find the best books on the market.

The sports betting landscape was far from what it is today. Local bookmakers proliferated before the beginnings of off-shore sportsbooks in the early and middle 1990’s. There was no 'round the clock' betting. These local bookmakers did not open until Thursday evening when there would be an early window for placing wagers. Largely, however, it was same day shopping. A typical Saturday might find the serious sports bettor having a betting sheet that had space for wagering lines from 6 different local outs. Each column would need to have multiple spaces to record any line changes in the course of the day. From 11 a.m. ET throughout the day, the serious player would be dialing constantly to see which out had changed his line. 


Lines were influenced in the late ‘70’s, ‘80’s and early ‘90’s by local money and the computer group. Orders from the computer group could instantly change a line 2 or more points. It was up to the sharp bettor to know which of his outs moved the line the slowest, and then fight through multiple busy signals to get down for as much as possible before the price was adjusted. After that, it was a matter of going back to other outs buying back the other side to create the middle. Through respect for the computer group or one’s own handicapping methodology, the bettor would decide on which SIDE he wanted to stay long. Then the fun began, as not only would the savvy shopper be rooting for his preferred SIDE, but also for the final score to fall in the middle. It was an exciting time when limited risk could provide great reward. 


With The Advent Of The High-tech Computer Age, That All Changed!  
By the late ‘90’s almost everyone had a computer and if you did not have access to the Don Best screen as a bookmaker, you were not long for this world. Numbers change instantaneously on the screen. Soon the numbers became painted across the board. There was still an interim period of time when slower local bookmakers would take the worst of it before they could move the line fast enough. But by the year 2000, the old-time local bookmaker was virtually a thing of the past with much of the action being moved to off-shore books. Even though that party long ago ended, it does not mean you don’t need multiple outs for ultimate sports betting success.


Three Reasons To Have Multiple Sportsbooks 
First, it is important that you respect a value of a half-point. On any given daily betting card as many as 10% or more of the games may fall within 1 point of the line. This is even truer in basketball than football, where the scoring is in smaller multiples of numbers and there are a greater number of scores. Without knowledge of the fact that every half point in the betting line is important, you might lose 3 to 4% of your winning percentage in the course of the season. That can be your entire profit! It is essential to have multiple sportsbooks in order to shop for the best line value on any given wager.


The second reason for having multiple sports books is your ability to read the line. Although numbers are largely painted across the board in this era, there are still international sportsbooks whose opinion (ego) drives them to shade their number on the team they prefer in a game. A current example of this is the respected 5Dimes Line, who may have an opinion on as many as 10% of the games (both on their opening line and on any given day). As a sports bettor, it is up to you to compare the multiple lines you use with final scores over a period of time to determine which of your sportsbooks is the sharpest. This may change from sport to sport. Once you have made that firm determination, this could go a long way toward reinforcing your opinion on the game and the amount you wager.   


A third way in which multiple sports books can add to your betting success is if you are still fortunate to have a local out. These old-timers are obligated to shade the line on the regional teams in their area because they are experienced enough to know that 90% of their local bettors may have the same opinion on those teams. When comparing that line to that of your preferred sportsbook, you can return to the days of yore by making a sizeable play on the middle.


Sportsbook Review is the perfect resource for you as a sports bettor. They have the ability to recommend the sportsbooks which are not only the most reliable, but may be best suited to your needs. We are fortunate in this day and age to have such a valuable resource as SBR. Just remember the cardinal rule for every sports bettor… make sure you only wager with outs that are able to pay you because one bad debt can eliminate all your profit for a given season.  Now that you have been afforded the recent history of sports betting and the current realities of the landscape, I hope you fully understand the advantage of multiple sports books. 

Good luck to you each and every day!


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