Swinging Johnson's Week 15 Premium NFL Picks

Saturday, December 14, 2013 3:27 PM UTC

Saturday, Dec. 14, 2013 3:27 PM UTC

Swinger's roll took a detour last week when his NFL pick of the day stumbled in New England but it's all shiny and new this week as Swinger has a few aces up his sleeve in Week 15.

Swinger's Record (22-19-1, -3.3 units) *Each wager is graded from 1 to 5 units*

I lost last week and it was because of a school girl crush on the New England Patriots that caused me to get all giddy and drop my panties the moment Belichick and Brady stressed the need to jump out early and bury the tips of their boots on the windpipes of the opposition (I'm paraphrasing just a bit here). 

And so it was I cast asunder stats, matchups and blithely disregarded a general malaise on the part of the Patriots in the first half of their most recent games. I became the consummate square, a fanboy in handicapper's clothing. What a chump and what's even worse, the whole world knows it. You know it's one thing to lose by your lonesome but when you actually take others along for the ride it's as embarrassing as dirty underwear after a car accident. 

So along with a max unit play on the Patriots -10 in NFL odds, we also had another loser on the Steelers for 2 units but a merciful winner on the New Orleans Saints who were an easy two unit cash over the Panthers.  All in all, we lost 5.7 units and are back in the red...for now.

Total: Redskins vs. Falcons

This total just became even more attractive because RG3 has been officially benched.  No, not the Under but the Over is the main attraction here.  RG3 was about as fascinating as watching paint dry.  He's injured and he has clearly demonstrated he cannot play through the injury.  Sitting him is the right thing to do because this season is lost and so is his confidence.  However as a "consequence", enter the best backup in the game right now, Mr. Kirk "Kissin'" Cousins. 

The Falcons can stop nobody on defense but at least they are now respectable on offense with Roddy White and Steven Jackson both getting healthy.  Actually, neither teams' defense stops anyone and this is the perfect showcase for Cousins to once again demonstrate he is more than ready for primetime.  Watch your eyes light up every time the scoreboard does.

Play Over 49 (-120) in NFL odds for 3 units at Bet365.com


Total: 49'ers vs. Bucs

I know it's tempting to lay it in on the Niners here.  After all, they are one of the frontrunners to go to the Super Bowl while the Bucs will be plotting vacation destinations in chilly January.  But be careful because this has the whiff of a trap game to it. 

We know the Niners have a fearsome defense, ranked 4th against the pass, 9th against the run and 3rd in points allowed.  The Bucs, for all their offensive woes, have a decent defense as well.  They rank 8th against the run and are currently 12th in points allowed. 

San Francisco has only averaged 19.6 points per game since their bye week while the Bucs have traditionally struggled through the air which will force them to try to overwhelm a stout 49'ers run stop unit.  I think this will be a slow grind, which is great if you're on the dance floor with a sexy little stunner swaying to a soulful blues ballad, but not if you're looking for an NFL game of the week. 

Let's go Under 41 in our NFL picks for 3 units at Bet365.com


Bengals vs. Steelers  

I'm gonna give you the down and dirty here boys.  The Cats struggle on the road while the Steelers are playing well at home despite their loss last week to the Dolphins.  Cincinnati is only 2-4 straight up and against the spread in NFL odds over the past six years in Pittsburgh.  Big Ben has not been a dog at home often in his career but when he is, as he is this coming Sunday, he is 4-1.

Let's not only take the Steelers plus the points but we'll plunk a few bucks down on them to win outright on the money line.  I'm going to buy this to three because what difference does a two make?

Play the Steelers +3 (-135) for 4 units at WilliamHill.com.

Play the Steelers +110 for 2 units at WilliamHill.com


The Woodman's Corner (8-6, +1.4 units) - Guest Handicapper 

Last week the Woodman turned his back on the puppies that have made him so much coin and backed a big favorite in the New England Patriots.  Needless to say, it was a money burner.

However, the good news is that he's returned to his canine roots and is backing a road pup traveling to the Lion's den.  That's right, in his NFL picks the Baltimore Ravens +6 at Bet365.com is the play on the highway in Detroit, so sayeth the Woodman.

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