Super Bowl XLVIII's Unlikely Heroes

Swinging Johnson

Friday, January 31, 2014 6:44 PM UTC

Friday, Jan. 31, 2014 6:44 PM UTC

While most of our focus is on which stars will pull through and display their true talents to lead there team to victory, there are some key players who go unseen. Let's take a look at the NFL betting edge the practice teams present.

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Getting Ready

How the teams prepare will ultimately determine how they look come game day. Are they aware, confident and dare I say swaggy! Or are they flat, listless, and indecisive? The strategies, game plans and situational calls are to be implemented by the coaching staff and executed by the players. Not too hard to digest but the attention to detail that the coaches demand can only go so far. The players have to not only have to be prepared to execute but they must have had to execute it before go time. That’s where the practice squads come into play.

Both the Seahawks and Broncos were allowed to carry eight members of their practice squad but none will get to suit up and play. Wow, I mean if you’re Rudy (is that movie actually getting too dated for me to use?) and the coach tells you to mop the showers after practice you do it with a smile but if you’re a professional football player and you’re relegated to getting beaten up without an ounce of the glory, it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

But swallow it they must and if you’re looking for a Super Bowl betting edge that flies way under the radar then you could find no stealthier an edge than this in your NFL picks. The members of the squad are selected for their ability to recreate the opposition. I would say that the Broncos may enjoy a slight advantage here because the Seahawks cannot duplicate the wrinkles that Manning and company will inject into their offense nor can a practice member recreate anything the legendary passer does. 

However, if you don’t believe these practice squad grunts get any love, just read what former practice squad member Bryan Walters says about the games’ unlikely heroes, "They are as much a part of this as we are. They do everything we do."

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